Biden Bombs Syria and Iraq in Revenge, Says More Bombs Coming Soon

“At the times and places of our choosing” is one of the gayest of all the US government slogans.

Honestly, it’s really gay that the military engages in this constant sloganeering in the first place. It’s so obviously a result of focus-group testing.

At some point, PR goes too far, and when you’re doing focus groups on what slogans will make the highest number of people support your lunatic Jew wars, you’ve gone too far.


President Joe Biden has defended the US response to a recent drone strike that left three American soldiers dead, claiming that the air raids have targeted militia groups in Iraq and Syria allegedly backed by Iran.

In a statement issued on Friday, Biden said he personally ordered the Pentagon’s response to last weekend’s deadly drone strike on a Jordanian military base housing US troops.

This afternoon, at my direction, US military forces struck targets at facilities in Iraq and Syria that the IRGC and affiliated militia use to attack US forces,” the president said, referring to Tehran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, an elite military unit.

“Our response began today,” Biden stated, adding that retaliatory strikes would continue “at times and places of our choosing.”

US Central Command (CENTCOM), which oversees operations in the Middle East and Central Asia, previously announced that it had carried out air raids on more than 85 targets across both Iraq and Syria, also citing last Sunday’s drone strike in Jordan. The operation involved “numerous aircraft,” including long-range bombers flown from the US, which dropped over 125 precision munitions on their targets, the command added. Those targets were said to include command and control centers, intelligence sites, weapons caches, and supply-chain facilities of Iranian-backed militias.

We don’t really know where this is going.

We know that Bibi Netanyahu still wants America to go to war with Iran, full-on, and we know that the people making the decisions in Washington are hesitant about this agenda.

You Have No Choice, Because This is a Democracy

What we do know for an absolute fact is that the opinions of the American people have zero bearing on what happens. It’s frustrating, but it’s just a fact.

Basically, there is about 30% of the population that will always respond very positively to whatever propaganda they are exposed to. It’s difficult to unravel, given that when we talk about the “population” in a democracy, we’re including women and unmarried men, as well as immigrants, and they wouldn’t typically have been included when talking about the population’s views on geopolitics.

I used to post pictures of German women waving swastikas as Hitler marched into Austria, and German women waving “refugees welcome” banners, and say “it’s the same picture.”

I hope you understand my meaning: women will get very excited about whatever is promoted to them as being the view of the people who hold positions of authority.

(In the case of Hitler, you have a “Hitler is my father and my boyfriend” situation, whereas with the ubiquitous faceless authority of the modern system, it’s a bit more complicated. However, in any case, women sniff out where the power lies, and attach themselves to it.)

Of course, when women are married and have kids, they are more likely to not think about politics and just repeat the views of their male family members. Even if a woman is divorced, she’ll follow her father and her sons (who these days will likely all be saying the same shit about Trump bringing down the deep state, because Trump is so masculine that all normal men associate with him instinctively).

Regardless, the number of people who will always go with anything appears to be about 30%. The immigrants are bribed by Democrats, of course, but most of them are not really politically engaged at all, and don’t think about the government of the US going to war, because they don’t really consider themselves a part of America. Despite much hype, most of them don’t vote unless they are organized by some group to do so.

There are other factors to consider, including the economic impact of the Biden regime. If he was not messing with people’s money, you’d have more people who are ambivalent. But also, the economy is not even horrible as it stands.

In terms of what makes up that 30%, you can check the “if only X voted” map from 2016:

And then of course, the whites who vote blue can malfunction and not support Israel when the media tells them to because they are following a different media agenda (“brown people are always victims”).

There’s a lot to factor in, but honestly, I think the number of people who will blindly support whatever the authority says is static. It’s 30%. I’m sticking to that.

I’m belaboring the point here.

The point is: Biden is going to have 30% of the population that will enthusiastically support a war with Iran, and that is more than enough to give the impression that the agenda is popular.

This is a functioning democracy: these 30% of people who will believe anything the media tells them are a millstone around the neck of the nation. The group has more or less a 100% overlap with “people who contribute nothing of value to society,” which makes it especially frustrating.

The Jews are able to leverage this population to do anything they want. Meanwhile, the rest of the population can be left in a state of confusion and misplaced anger. That’s functioning democracy. This is what a democracy is supposed to do. It’s “rule by the media.”

It’s unsustainable and it won’t exist forever, but it exists now and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Their Decisions Probably Don’t Matter Either

It’s Antony Blinken, Jake Sullivan, and Victoria Nuland that run US foreign policy. There is no one else involved. They make their decisions in secret, then issue statements to the media, which publishes them without comment. (It’s the “State Department to New York Times Pipeline,” which has always existed.)

Bibi Netanyahu is also playing a significant role in determining US foreign policy, however. So you basically have to include him as the fourth member of the panel.

Blinken and Sullivan know that the US would more or less be destroyed by a war with Iran. They made this decision to bomb random and probably irrelevant targets in response to three dead US soldiers. (We don’t currently know how irrelevant the targets are, but I think they will prove to be pretty irrelevant.)

Note: some reports are saying that the 84 total strikes in Iraq and Syria created a significant amount of destruction and death.

I don’t doubt that. But the response that people were calling for was a Dresden-style bombing of Tehran. In light of what is being demanded, bombing a few militias outside of Iran is barely an escalation.

Iran has also signaled it might be deescalating a bit, with Kataib Hezbollah issuing a statement saying they’re not going to bomb any more US bases for a while.

That doesn’t really make sense for them, as they have the most to gain by pushing for maximum escalation and war. It would suck. Their cities would be destroyed and some percentage of their population would be sacrificed, but with the backing of Russia and China, they would ultimately bring the Beast to heel. Of course, a signal of deescalation can be a fake-out and a setup for a further escalation.

The US is trying to take down Russia, China, and Iran/Shia Islam as a whole, and the best theater to fight this war in is the Middle East. So you can be sure the Russians and the Chinese are pushing hard for this to escalate. Russia is at war with the US in the Ukraine and the US is sailing warships all through Chinese territory and saying they’re going to start a war over Taiwan. It is obvious that these two would rather have the focus of US war energy be on the Middle East.

The Iranian Moslems, more so than Christian Russia or Nationalist China, are driven by an overwhelming sense of divine purpose. They are thus the obvious group to fight on the front of the war, because in a war, there is nothing more powerful than a sense of divine purpose.

This wouldn’t have to be a major war. What they are doing is trying to trigger cascading events that end in the fall of the US as the top world military power. Russia and the Moslems both talk about an “Axis of Resistance.” They want global pushback against US hegemony, they want the dollar to collapse. They want to break the Beast.

At some point during a major war with Iran (really a war with most of the Middle East), things would just fall apart for the US. There are all kinds of different factors that make executing this war like trying to thread a needle during an earthquake. It’s not limited in the way that the Ukraine war is limited.

Ultimately, the people making the decisions won’t be the ones to decide if there is a war. Instead, the start of the war will likely be decided by accident, when the escalations slip out of control.

Iran says they don’t control the militias they fund, and I think that’s basically true. Further, these relatively minor groups now have the ability to kill Americans, because of the way cheap drones have changed the nature of war. I think people still don’t really understand just how much things have changed since the US went to war with Iraq 2o years ago.

Basically, no matter how many times the US bombs Yemen, the Houthis can continue sending drones at various ships in the Red Sea. In order to stop that, the US would have to kill all of the Houthis, and this isn’t practical. The same is true for all of the sitting ducks in US bases in the Middle East: they are all viable targets for drone attacks. Probably, Iran could sink a US Destroyer ship. They could at least create a scene of one burning up with panicked tranny soldiers trying to jump ship like rats.

I Want the War

It’s easy for me to say, because I’m not going to get drafted to fight in this war, but I want it to happen. It’s the quickest, easiest way to end this global anal-Jewish nightmare that the Monster that is the US Empire has created.

A lot of Americans are probably more hesitant, because there is a chance they will get drafted. If you’re reading this website, you’re a prime draft candidate. You’re probably in better shape than most men in the West, and they also want normal, masculine men dead. If I were you, I’d make a pledge not to go. But I’m not you. It’s your decision. Further, it would probably be against the law for me to advise you on how to dodge the draft.

But hey – it could be fun. It will at least give you some stories to tell.

It would take a while to get to a draft, of course. There would be several months, if not years, of bombings, while America mass-produced and stockpiled weapons (something they currently don’t have the ability to do).

Maybe, Maybe Not

I tend to think World War III will not actually happen, because the US doesn’t have the ability to fight Russia, China, and the Moslems, and the ability to do that is what World War III would require. However, the likelihood of things exploding in the Middle East is pretty high. If I were to guess, I’d say it’s at least 50/50, maybe 60/40 in favor of war.

I have no idea how this is going to interact with the fact that we’re coming up on a totally fake election this year. I’ve been trying to map it out in my mind, and I just can’t get a clear picture of how all of these different things happening are going to interact with each other in the various scenarios.

I’ll let you know when I figure it out.