New Polls Shows 86% of Americans Think “Brandon” is Too Old to be President

I said for two years or more that there was a very real chance that Joe Biden would be pulled as the 2024 Democrat nominee and replaced with Gavin Newsom (or, potentially, Michelle Obama).

This is now a major talking point in all media. Everyone seems to agree that those two are the only possible replacements, and many are saying, matter of factly, that he will be replaced.

This latest poll seems to make it more likely.


President Joe Biden is too old for another term in the White House, an overwhelming majority of those surveyed in a new ABC News/Ipsos poll say.

According to the poll, which was released Sunday after being conducted Feb. 9 and 10 — the days following a report from special counsel Robert Hur that described Biden as “ well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory” — 86 percent of Americans think Biden, who is 81, is too old to serve another term. That includes 59 percent of those surveyed who said both Biden and former President Donald Trump, who is 77, are too old to hold the office.

The comments by Hur were so extreme that it actually looks like it was some kind of setup to justify replacing Biden.

I have no predictions to make here. I don’t make predictions. But it’s now more likely than ever that Biden will be replaced.

Replacing him with someone whose popularity is much less clear would also help a lot with the voter fraud.

When they would do the switch is anyone’s guess, but it really seems to be heating up now, and you’d think they’d want to have it done before the convention.