Biden Says It’s Close to “Criminal” to Refuse to Give Money to the Ukraine

They’re really acting like they’re going to be able to force through this money.

The Republicans are getting on board with it.

What are the Ukrainians going to do with this money, given that they have virtually no fighting men left?

Are they actually going to draft an entire army of women? Because they’re saying they’re going to do that.

It would be kinda funny if that happened, actually.

New York Post:

President Biden declared Friday that it would be “close to criminal neglect” for Congress not to pass billions of dollars in additional military aid to Ukraine.

The president made the remark to reporters during an Oval Office meeting with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, and as Senators prepared for a weekend session to debate a $95 billion bill providing aid to Israel, Taiwan and war-torn Ukraine.

The failure of the United States Congress, if it occurs, not to support Ukraine, is close to criminal neglect,” Biden, 81, said. “It is outrageous.”

“Without the support of United States, and without the support of the European states, Ukraine will have not a chance to defend its own country,” Scholz said, backing Biden.

Some Republicans on Capitol Hill, however, argue that the US can’t afford to keep funding Ukraine’s war effort, especially when the US is grappling with a border crisis of its own.

I would say it’s criminal neglect for Mitch McConnell, Chuck Schumer and Joe Biden to get together to send $100 billion overseas to fix someone else’s border before addressing our border,” Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) said during an appearance on Fox Business.

Rand Paul is probably the only Senator that will oppose this with any kind of force. It’s now looking like the Senate will be able to get the votes if they make some changes to the bill. Really, they can just let everyone line up and add whatever they want to it.

The House is maybe a different question.

But the bill is certainly closer to passing than we ever thought it would be.