Big New War! Palestine Attacks Israel in Biggest, Most Organized Incursion Ever


Jerusalem Post, per the Israeli state, is reporting 250 dead Jews so far.

Other sources are saying 300.

I don’t know.

But I do not believe Hamas is killing random people – except with rockets, which is unavoidable.

This is a very serious operation!

Original article follows.

This is definitely “unprecedented.”

Since the 1940s, it’s been the Jews doing the attacking.

Though there are a few exceptions, “Palestinian attack” generally refers to basically one person going on a rampage.

What appears to be happening now is that there is… an invasion of “Israel” by the Palestinians.

They are riding through the streets of “Israel” with Hamas flags and weapons!

(I know you people are complaining about long quotes in articles, but this is important. This is the beginning of a massive war. The Guardian is going to be the most honest news outlet that has access to the information.)

The Guardian:

Israel and Hamas are once again at war after the Palestinian militant group launched a large aerial and ground operation from the blockaded Gaza Strip, its biggest attack in years.

Sirens sounded across Israel and as far north as the contested city of Jerusalem from about 7am on Saturday after volleys of what Hamas claimed were 5,000 rockets launched from the blockaded enclave. A ground infiltration by Hamas gunmen into Israeli towns and villages on the periphery – an unprecedented development in the 16 years since the Islamists took over the strip – is ongoing, with the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) saying seven villages and towns are under Hamas control. The Israeli army also put the number of projectiles at around 2,000.

In response to the attacks, which appear to have caught the Israeli security services by surprise, Israel has declared a state of war.


The bombing of Gaza has already begun.

Who knows how extreme it is yet, but they are going to totally level Gaza, basically killing everyone.

The IDF is already saying this.

Then, that is going to trigger backlash across the entire Islamic world, then the Jews are going to scream to Biden: “HALP!”

“Our enemy will pay a price the type of which it has never known,” Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, said in a televised statement. “We are in a war and we will win it.”

Unconfirmed initial reports and graphic pictures and video appeared to show that gunmen had opened fire in the border town of Sderot, killing several Israeli civilians and soldiers. One elderly woman was confirmed dead in a rocket attack, and another four people in Bedouin villages in Israel’s south killed by rocket fire.

Twenty-two Israelis have been confirmed dead so far and 545 injured, with the death toll likely to rise. At least one person has been killed in Gaza in retaliatory Israeli airstrikes, and five Hamas militants killed inside Israel.

An unknown number of Israelis have been taken captive by fighters, with unverified social media footage showing elderly people and a young woman with her hands tied inside Gaza. The Israel Defence Forces (IDF) said it was aware of the reports, but did not confirm details.

In a statement, Mohammed Deif, Hamas’s military commander in Gaza, announced the start of a new operation to free Jerusalem’s sensitive al-Aqsa mosque compound, which has had an increase in the number of Jewish visitors in the past few weeks owing to the Jewish high holidays. He said it this was only the first stage of Hamas’s renewed efforts against Israel.

“We warned the enemy not to continue their aggression against the al-Aqsa mosque … The age of the enemy’s aggression without a response is over. I call on Palestinians everywhere in the West Bank and within the Green Line [Israeli territory] to launch an attack without restraint. Go to all the streets. I call on Muslims everywhere to launch an attack,” he said.


The rest of the regional groups aligned with Hamas issued statements of support – including Iran.

Sorry, but it’s impossible for me to believe that the Israelis didn’t know this was coming. They have been attacking the al-Aqsa Mosque for months for no reason – well, the reason was to provoke this.

It will come out in a few decades that the Jews had full intelligence, and opened the gates for them. (Note: I’m not saying the Palestinians aren’t genuine, or that this isn’t justice. I’m just saying that this all plays into the hands of the Israelis. Hamas is not going to conquer the entirety of Israel. Their religion just says – and I think this is noble – that they must fight against impossible odds.)

Israel has one of the most advanced militaries in the world.

Most of the Palestinians are throwing rocks.

How did they breach the defenses??? With bottle rockets and AKs???

Netanyahu has been flipping out about the fact that Joe Biden is blocking his war with Iran, after so many Jews were promised that Biden supports a war in Iran.

Israel has never had this many bodies to point at – at least not since the Holocaust. These initial reports will prove wrong, and they will inflate the death/kidnapping toll.

Israel will move to make sure that all of the hostages are dead. That is: they will just kill them themselves, and then accuse Hamas of killing hostages, in order to drum this up to even more extreme levels of outrage.

Video shows Palestinians treating hostages very well.

But no one will see that.

Instead, they’ll see pictures of supposed Jew citizens dead in the streets.

I can basically guarantee you – I don’t have any evidence, but I know a lot about Jews – that Mossad agents are driving around dressed up like Hamas and doing mass shootings against Israeli civilians. Seriously: why would they not do that? It’s too obvious.

Jews are claiming that Hamas is going “door-to-door” and killing families.

That video actually proves nothing, but if anyone is doing that – and that will for sure be a part of the narrative – it is Mossad.

Why would Palestinians do that? For what purpose?

Israel is a big gun country, so maybe some civilians fired on them and they fired back, but killing people randomly serves no purpose. But this is what the Jews are claiming.

I wrote in my piece about the Jew “spitters” that the Jews are losing serious influence in America, especially among Christians. Israel has gotten a lot of their wars out of the way, and destroyed most of the Middle East, but they still haven’t destroyed Iran.

They view themselves as on a clock. Not only is US support for Israel waning, but they see the US military capacities collapsing.

Bibi wants the US to go to war with Iran while there is still time.

Meanwhile, there is a lot of evidence that the US is viewing the war against Russia in the Ukraine as a total boondoggle they need out of.

A US-Iran war would totally solve the problem. That would also end up as a proxy war against Russia, but it’s further away and doesn’t require such serious support from the Europeans, who are whining bigly about the Ukraine.


True conservatives know what’s really going on here.

Joe Biden is a supporter of Hamas…!

By the way, DeSantis – you have no right to claim America stands with Israel.

I am American. I am the most American person ever.

And I stand with Palestine.