Bilderberg Meeting Focusing on AI Warfare, Changing Human Biology, Russia, And China

So the shadowy technocratic elite is focused on all of the various things that we would have assumed they were focused on?


It’s also interesting that the idiotic American conservatives who are supposedly opposed to this elite are all like “yeah, but they’re right about China though.”

The Guardian:

This year the Bilderberg summit, now under way in Madrid, turned 70 years old. But the controversial and secretive gathering of the world’s elites shows no signs of slowing down.

For decades the Bilderberg meeting, where the rich and the powerful gather behind closed doors to talk about what ails the world, has been the subject – understandably – of conspiracy theories. In recent years, Bilderberg has sought to remake itself and open up a little: more Davos than Illuminati.

Bilderberg and Davos are both more “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” than they are “Illuminati.”

But it still raises hackles from many observers. Its beady eyes, twinkling with billionaires, are this year fixed firmly on the future. Specifically, the “future of warfare”. And with conflicts raging from Sudan to Ukraine to Gaza, it feels like it is the spirit of the age.

This grim subject is being thrashed out under the hum of police drones hovering over the hotel, making sure such luminaries as the king of the Netherlands and the head of Nato are safe inside. Even by Bilderberg standards, the security at this year’s conference is intense, but it managed to gear up even more when the Spanish king’s entourage swept into the venue past a traffic jam of police vans.

The heightened security is perhaps a reflection of the threats and “challenges” packed into the conference agenda: Russia, China, the Middle East, the climate – while the session on Ukraine, titled Ukraine and the World, has a worrying hint of a wider world war. And when the topic of the Changing Faces of Biology is being discussed by the CEO of Pfizer, the head of the EU Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, and the man who led the Human Genome Project, you can almost hear the alarm bells over the police sirens.

Yes, it’s very interesting that the CEO of Pfizer would be involved in discussions on how to alter human biology.

I hope that fake vaccine wasn’t the first phase of this plan.

That would really be diabolical.

The world of Bilderberg in 2024 throbs with threats; it’s what conference participant Alexander Stubb, the president of Finland, recently described as “the weaponisation of everything”. It’s a world of “hybrid attacks” driven by disruptive technologies such as artificial intelligence. There’s even a session on AI safety at this year’s gathering, one of two sessions devoted to AI, securing its place at the head of Bilderberg’s agenda.

The conference hall is heaving with tech luminaries, including the heads of Google DeepMind, Microsoft AI, Mistral AI and Anthropic, making the event a high-level AI summit in its own right.

It’s pretty much all the same people at Davos.

A bunch of Jews.

But it is in secret, whereas the WEF is a bit more open these days.

Who knows why the population of the world tolerates all the most powerful people in the world coming together to meet in secret to plan wars against the whole world. I guess they have more important things to worry about, like the veracity of the rumors of a Ben Affleck breakup with JLo.