Bill Burr Afraid That They’re Coming for Him Next! They Are!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
September 18, 2019

They’re coming for everyone, Bill.

They’re going to get to you too and you know it. It’s not Millennials though, Bill. It’s the Jews and you know it.

Daily Caller:

Comedian Bill Burr slammed cancel culture after “Saturday Night Live” new hire Shane Gillis was fired.

Burr appeared on “Lights Out With David Spade” where he criticized the decision to fire the comedian over alleged racist comments, according to a clip shared on the show’s Twitter page.

“Did they go back and also try and look back at good things the person might have done, or are the just looking for the bad stuff?” Burr asked. “You could do that to anybody. I don’t get it. Millennials – you’re a bunch of rats. None of them care; all they want to do is get people in trouble.”

“I think if you go back 15 years in someone life, someone should go back 15 years in your life – basically, it’s ‘hey we went back and found out he’s a human being, he f***ed up,’” Burr added.

The announcement of Gillis’ firing came days after videos resurfaced of comments many deemed as racist and homophobic.

Now as many of you may well know, comedian Bill Burr pre-emptively did the biggest cuckout in the history of humor when he married a sheboon. This was a very deliberate move because he wanted to keep his comedy career going as a vaguely right-leaning and somewhat heterosexual man.

This was actually the funniest thing he ever did, tbh.

Frankly, they look disgusting together and I’m starting to think that Bill is afflicted with some weird, late-in-life dysgenic affliction.

This move bought him some time, but it almost certainly won’t save him because – and this is despite my dislike of Bill’s bizarre and unhealthy lifestyle choices – I do think that he can be quite funny. And that’s really what’s going to get him into trouble. We’re entering a very serious stage of our society where fun and fun-making will not be allowed because it is inherently right-wing and masculine in nature. 

Jews do not understand humor – they only understand blaspheming against Jesus, and talking about their mutilated dicks.

Women do not understand humor – they only see it as a welcome relief from the monotonous humdrum of their solipsistic soap opera.

POCs do not understand humor – they think mutilating animals and spitting in White people’s food is peak comedy.

And these people run the show now… that is until the incels can get their shit together.

Comedy died when the patriarchy died, along with a bunch of other neat-o things.

No one can laugh anymore because comedy, at its heart, is about taking dishonest people to task so that the audience can let off some steam and also (very important) see their enemies cut down to size.

On an even higher meta level, I’ve found that masculine men don’t take life all that seriously at all. They crack one-liners at the gallows…

… and rally men to battle with fart jokes.

And it’s because of their masculine confidence and devil-may-care attitude that we find them funny and that we listen to them, follow them and try to emulate them.

All a big no-no in modern society.

We have to take all of this shit being shoved down our throats very seriously – the niggers, the trannies, the women in the workplace – it’s all very, very serious.


I will be sad to see Bill Burr go.

He’s probably next on the chopping block because there’s pretty much no one else left once they finish up taking down Dave Chappelle.