Black Man Says Jewish People Are Oppressing Black People; Threatens to Blow Up Synagogue

[Apparently some blacks are starting to get the picture! –ed.]

May 15, 2013

Dante Phearse understands the deal.
Dante Phearse understands the deal.

A man who did not like the relationships between blacks and the Jewish community threatened to blow up a synagogue, according to Houston police.

Dante Phearse, 32, was charged with three counts of making a terroristic threats.

Police said on April 30, Phearse called and made threats against the Beth Israel Jewish Synagogue. Phearse said that there were no white Jewish people, only black Jewish people, and said he was going to blow up the temple.

He then called back and said that Jewish people were oppressing the black man and threatened to rape their women and children.

Phearse’s bond was set at $115,000.