Bloated Slob Musk Removes Church Stabbing Video – Globally – After Australia Threatens Fine

Australia’s response to a church stabbing is to prevent people from seeing video of the church stabbing.

They don’t want anyone on earth to see it.

Musk responding to this by actually doing it – removing the video globally – and then threatening a lawsuit is so pathetic.

Twitter is a serious freedom of speech site. But you’re not allowed to talk about the Jews, and everyone has to follow Australian censorship laws, which are some of the most extreme in the world.


Elon Musk’s social media platform X (formerly Twitter) has accused Australia’s eSafety commissioner of censorship, and vowed to contest in court an order to remove content related to the recent Sydney church stabbing.

According to a statement issued by the social media giant on Saturday, the Australian online safety watchdog had demanded that the company “globally withhold these posts or face a daily fine of $785,000 AUD (about $500,000 USD).”

It is incredible that they actually say “globally.”

On Monday, four people, including a bishop with a worldwide online following, were wounded in a knife attack at Christ The Good Shepherd Church in the district of Wakeley in Sydney.

Following the tragic event, the eSafety commissioner, Julie Inman Grant, issued a notice to X and Meta, ordering them to remove material that depicts “gratuitous or offensive violence with a high degree of impact or detail.”

X hit back at the regulator, saying, “eSafety’s order was not within the scope of Australian law,” adding that the company complied with the directive “pending a legal challenge.”



“While X respects the right of a country to enforce its laws within its jurisdiction, the eSafety Commissioner does not have the authority to dictate what content X’s users can see globally,” X’s Global Government Affairs team said in a statement.

Well, Elon, you blubbery slob – apparently they do have that authority, because you did what they told you to do. Isn’t that what “authority” is? The ability to tell people to do things?

Bibi Netanyahu demanded global content bans, and your response was “yes, master – would you like me to suck you again now, master?”

Here’s the question, Elon: if Australia invites you for a visit, and shows you a crib, will you censor all the content they ask you to censor, without threatening lawsuits?

Is there some kind of “crib rule,” where if someone introduces a crib, you have to do whatever they say?

Frankly, censoring for the Jews was less humiliating, as he never officially announced that he was doing it. With this Australian order, he just does what they say, then claims he’s going to sue them in their own court. Well, it’s their government’s court, Elon. The same government that is telling you to take down content globally. So this means you will follow the rules of Australia for global content bans.

You could just refuse to pay the fine, Porky.