Las Vegas: Black Teacher Fights Student Who Called Him “N-Word”

Can’t we all just get along?

New York Post:

A Las Vegas substitute teacher and a teen student unleashed a barrage of punches on each other after a classroom argument over a reported slur spilled out into a crowded hallway in front of other students.

Re’Kwon Smith, 27, is accused of brawling with the Valley High School student on Thursday when he asked the teen, who allegedly shouted out a racial slur, to leave the classroom, according to 8NewsNow.

The altercation turned physical when the student allegedly placed his hands on Smith.

Video obtained by the outlet captured both parties swinging at each other before Smith connected several times on the pupil, eventually knocking him down.

After knocking down the unidentified student, Smith stood over him seemingly yelling as the student balled up and cowered behind his hands.

Smith remained hovering over the student, landing several more punches until a campus safety monitor and other students helped their classmate off the floor, according to Fox 5 Vegas.

“You’re going to jail, [slur],” the laughing student reportedly shouted as he was escorted away.

Smith was slapped with several charges stemming from the fight, according to jail records.

He was charged with battery resulting in serious bodily harm, assault of a school pupil on school property, interfering with a student from attending school, and threatening to do bodily harm to a public school student.

The student was also arrested on unspecified charges.

If blacks are going to do this, they should have their own schools.