Boring YouTuber Tim Pool Smears Afro-Latino Nick Fuentes as a Far-Right White Nationalist!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
November 13, 2019

Tim Pool prides himself on being a self-styled independent journalist, but he does not appear to have left his room or changed his clothes in two years, and focuses instead on just doing these boring 20-minute cold takes videos.

I’ve tried to watch them all the way through, but I simply cannot – they are too boring.

For your sake, let me explain: his whole shtick is calling out the Left for not living up to its supposed ideals – in particular, he calls them out for de-platforming people with opinions they don’t like and stifling free speech. The one valuable thing he did in his life was press @jack on Twitter censorship on The Joe Rogan Show.

If I were to put him on a scale, he’d be somewhere to the left of Sargon of Akkad in terms of politics, and right of Sargon in terms of political squishiness.

And he always wears a beanie.

As a beanie-wearer myself, I feel like he reflects poorly on the rest of us, and wish that he would cool it with the ice-cold takes while wearing it.

In this video he calls Nick Fuentes a White Nationalist and says that the Groypers don’t actually support Donald Trump because they are Far-Right. It was DEEEEZguhsting.

Tim Pool is walking on a thin line here. He is about to get on the wrong side of the Groyper Army if he continues smearing Leader for Life Nick “Hapa-Devourer” Fuentes with his unfounded accusations.

Once again, here is what Leader Nick and his army believe in:

These are all views that would be absolutely standard at your typical 2015/16 MAGA rally.

  • Demographics
  • Degeneracy
  • Dual Loyalty

If Groyp Team Leader Nick is promoting the key planks of MAGA then he is the rightful inheritor of the MAGA kingdom.

We are just doing a much-needed housecleaning, a long-overdue purge of the imposters. For that, we can’t be called neo-Nazi or Alt-Right or anything else because it simply isn’t true.

This has nothing to do with Fundamentally Faustian Dionysus or any other weird thing.

WE are the mainstream, WE are what Conservatism is all about. We ARE the Republican party – because we swept the elections on this platform.

Sixty-three million people voted for what we stand for.

This is not fringe.

This is not far anything.

I pray Tim issues a correction to his hundred-thousand Boomer-strong audience immediately. Such slander of our leader and his teachings will not be tolerated, God willing!