Don’t be too down about the audio. Internal censorship lobbyist and former neo-Nazi Ian Miles Cheong posted calling for Nick to be censored off of Rumble, and (hours after I called him a faggot yesterday) Elon Musk responded with “!!” – apparently endorsing Cheong’s call for censorship.

They are afraid.

Most of these “free speech” frauds are now calling for Nick to be censored. If that’s not what Elon meant with that reply, he needs to clarify.

But he won’t.

As it’s clear he has no plan to give me and Nick our accounts back, and he is in fact censoring more people, I’m really done defending this guy. He’s just a liar and a fraud. If he wanted to buy Twitter and implement “free speech, except about the Jews” he should have said that. Obviously, anti-Semitic speech is the most censored speech – and there are arguments that every other censored speech is just an extension of this – so if you want to continue censoring that, you need to make it clear.

I don’t give a shit about trannies in sports, quite frankly.


There are some really serious audio problems here, which are seriously unfortunate. I assume a better version of the video is going to be released soon, as happened with the first rally, after that was also beleaguered with audio issues.

That said, Nick’s performance was great, and like with RFK’s voice, you forget about the sound issues after a few minutes. I mean, you can at least hear what he is saying. I recommend everyone watch it, but I’ll make sure to post the version with fixed audio whenever that is released.

Original article follows.

Nick Fuentes is going live for a rally tonight.

At time of writing, we’re waiting for him to come on. I’m going to watch it and then probably fall asleep, so if you’re seeing this at any time after 8:42 on Sunday, you can click the Rumble embed above for the replay.

It will also be on Nick’s cozy channel.

We’re all here for Nick.

He’s the man.

We are loyal to Nick.

We are a cult.

America First is Nick First and it’s really time to clear out anyone who doesn’t recognize that. We need loyalty tests and purges.