Boston: Paramilitary Forces Sent in to Brutalize College Kids for Criticizing Israel

Just to be clear, it is legal to call for the death of Jews.

I’m not saying that these protesters are all saying that. I think probably if any of them are saying it, they are plants.

But it’s 100% protected speech. As you can see, I’ve consistently called for the death of the Jews on this website (generally with a dash of irony, though that is irrelevant), and I’ve never been charged with a single crime for anything I’ve written (at least not in America).

Therefore, even if every single one of these protesters was calling for the death of Jews, it would remain totally illegal for the government to send in these hired thugs to brutalize them.

There just simply is no law in America anymore. It’s a joke. We live under absolute tyranny.


Riot police have arrested more than 100 protesters at Northeastern University in Boston, amid a nationwide crackdown on anti-Israel activism. University authorities claim that the demonstrators were calling for the deaths of Jews.

Demonstrators set up tents on Northeastern’s campus earlier this week, following the lead of students at New York’s Columbia University and around 40 other educational institutions in the US and Canada.

Officers from the Boston Police Department, Massachusetts State Police, Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department, and the university’s own police force surrounded the encampment shortly after dawn on Saturday morning, before moving in and restraining around 100 demonstrators with zip ties, WBZ News reported.

Massachusetts State Police said that 102 people who refused to disperse were arrested and will be charged with trespassing and disorderly conduct. Northeastern University said that anyone who produced a student ID was released and would face disciplinary, but not legal, consequences.

“What began as a student demonstration two days ago, was infiltrated by professional organizers with no affiliation to Northeastern,” the university claimed in a statement. “Last night, the use of virulent antisemitic slurs, including ‘Kill the Jews,’ crossed the line. We cannot tolerate this kind of hate on our campus.”

The Massachusetts chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), however, claimed that anti-Semitic chants were not started by the protesters, but by “pro-Israel counter-supporters” attempting to discredit the pro-Palestinian side. Video footage shared by the DSA on Saturday apparently shows protesters shouting down someone who tried to start a chant of “Kill the Jews.”

Two reporters at the scene “heard someone say the statement, but could not identify who said it,” the Huntington News, a student newspaper, wrote on social media.

So it was one person saying “kill the Jews,” and no one can even identify the individual. That means that any protest can be shut down if one person is sent in to shout “kill the Jews.”

Personally, I think “kill the Jews” is a valid sentiment. However, these people are not saying that. Again, even if they were saying that, who cares? But the university apparently admits it was just one guy, who they can’t identify.

“You have a right to protest… unless one rando that no one can even identify shouts ‘kill the Jews.’ Then we will have to send in brutal cops to beat you and zip-tie you.”

This is nonsensical.

All over the country, cops are being sent in to attack these protesters.

Someone, please compare this to BLM. During BLM, government officials were saying things like “we have to give them space to destroy.” In the rare case that anyone was arrested, Kamala Harris was running GoFundMes to get them out of jail. BLM was violent riots. People died. These anti-Israel protesters are actually peaceful, and there is a universal response of police violence.

That legless faggot Greg Abbott sent in cops on horseback to run down the protesters!

This is insane!

Is no one asking how they are legally allowed to do this?

Has the Constitution been officially suspended?

Or was it de facto suspended decades ago, and we’ve all just been playing along with a gigantic scam that says we have rights?

Understand: there are too many of these stories to cover. All over America, the same thing is happening: universities are timidly claiming students have a right to protest, then they reverse it and send in the cops. It’s happening at dozens of campuses.

Leave the kids alone, Jews!

You can’t force them to agree with you!

The kids are not backing down.

You can’t zip-tie the revolution.