Wisconsin: Female Elementary School Teacher Arrested for “Making Out” with 11-Year-Old Boy

Madison Bergmann

Who is the real victim here?

The woman going to prison for kissing, or the 11-year-old boy denied a blowjob?

Rumor has it that the boy is wearing an eyepatch and referring to himself as “Punished Little Boss,” questioning why he was denied his blowjob in his own homeland.

New York Post:

A 24-year-old Wisconsin elementary school teacher was arrested Wednesday for allegedly “making out” with her fifth-grade student — less than three months before her wedding.

Madison Bergmann’s alleged abuse of the 11-year-old boy came to light when the student’s mother overheard her son talk to the teacher on the phone, CBS News Minnesota reported.

The victim’s parents found alleged texts between the pair and the boy’s father then stormed into River Crest Elementary School with print-outs of the conversations.

The deranged text chain included messages from Bergmann allegedly discussing multiple encounters inside the classroom during lunch or after school.

She is also accused of telling the child how much she enjoyed him touching her and “making out,” the charging documents state.

Inside her bag, police also found a folder with the victim’s name on it containing many handwritten notes talking about how much they kissed one another, the charges allege.

In one of the letters, Bergmann allegedly wrote, “One of my cousins is in the 5th grade and I can’t imagine a man talking to her how we talk. I know we have a special relationship and I do love you more than anyone in the world but I have to be the adult here and stop.”

According to her social media, Bergmann was set to be married in July — less than three months from when she was arrested.

I don’t know, man.

You put women in the workplace, then you’re shocked when they start sexualizing the boys?

What did you expect would happen?

Women will say “oh no, it’s only the bad women who do this!”

But what evidence is there of that?

I think what these women mean is “it’s only that bad women who get caught.”

It seems clear that all women will engage in this behavior if given the opportunity, and thus it is society’s responsibility to prevent them from getting the opportunity.

That is at least true of women who were not raised in religious environments that explicitly teach the doctrine of eternal damnation. Note that most Protestant denominations now teach that if you say an incantation, “Jesus come dwell in my heart,” you cannot be judged for anything you do, which obviously drastically increases the likelihood of women engaging in unethical behavior.