Boy Scouts of America Announces Official New Name: “Scouting America”

If they wanted to gender neutralize the Boy Scouts, they should have changed it to simply “Scouts.”

What does “Scouting America” imply? They are not scouting America, they are scouting the woods, right? They could have called it “Scouting the Woods.”

What are they scouting America for? Are they scouting for older gay men to blow?

This is basically a pederast cult at this point.


The Boy Scouts of America is changing its name for the first time in its 114-year history and will become Scouting America. It’s a significant shift as the organization emerges from bankruptcy following a flood of sexual abuse claims and seeks to focus on inclusion.

The organization steeped in tradition has made seismic changes after decades of turmoil, from finally allowing gay youth to welcoming girls throughout its ranks. With an eye on increasing flagging membership numbers, the Irving, Texas-based organization announced the name change Tuesday at its annual meeting in Florida.

“In the next 100 years we want any youth in America to feel very, very welcome to come into our programs,” Roger Krone, who took over last fall as president and chief executive officer, said in an interview before the announcement.

The organization began allowing gay youth in 2013 and ended a blanket ban on gay adult leaders in 2015. In 2017, it made the historic announcement that girls would be accepted as Cub Scouts as of 2018 and into the flagship Boy Scout program — renamed Scouts BSA — in 2019.

Homosexual men are deviant and not comparable to heterosexuals in any way.

However, just as a thought experiment: would you want your teenage girls going into the woods at night alone with older men?

Here’s a follow-up: would you, as a man in your 20s or 30s, want to be alone in the woods with a bunch of teenage girls? Don’t you think this is sort of inviting temptation, as well as making you look like a sex fiend, with no benefit to yourself?

It seems the only reason a heterosexual man would take such a job, in the woods alone all night with teenage girls, is if he was planning on having sex with the girls. Otherwise, why would you risk being involved in this?

Any heterosexual man can work that through in their head. What then was going on with the demand by homosexuals that they be allowed to guide these boys into the woods alone at night?

There were nearly 1,000 young women in the inaugural class of female Eagle Scouts in 2021, including Selby Chipman. The all-girls troop she was a founding member of in her hometown of Oak Ridge, North Carolina, has grown from five girls to nearly 50, and she thinks the name change will encourage even more girls to realize they can join.

The organization won’t officially become Scouting America until Feb. 8, 2025, the organization’s 115th birthday. But Krone said he expects people will start immediately using the name.

It sends this really strong message to everyone in America that they can come to this program, they can bring their authentic self, they can be who they are and they will be welcomed here,” Krone said.

No one was demanding they do this, other than a very small group of people on Twitter. And, of course, the US government.

Apparently, it’s basically impossible to exist as an official organization that is also normal.

Frankly, the Boy Scouts were already crawling with homosexuals long before they allowed them in. So it’s probably good that they’re honest about it now, and basically saying “send your sons here to get sodomized!”

A lot of single mothers actively work to make their sons gay so they will never have to compete with a woman. Mothers, even “conservative women” (stupid concept, doesn’t exist), love their gay sons. Everyone knows this. The relationship between a gay and his mother is very strong. She will always be the only woman in his life.