Brandon Approval Drops to 34%, Alleged “All-Time Low”

For reference, Darth Vader had a 72% approval rating at the time of the destruction of the first Death Star, including a 14% approval rating among members of the Rebel Alliance. A full 55% of members of the Rebel Alliance agreed with his handling of the galactic economy.

It boggles the mind to imagine that 34% of Americans support this government. I just can’t see how it’s possible.

You had a lot of support among gays and women for the war in the Ukraine, but, irony of ironies, those are the same people who are opposed to this current war in Palestine. Further, Biden is ditching the Ukraine war.

The economy is a nightmare. Immigration is an incomprehensible nightmare. Everything else is a nightmare.

Who are these 34%?


Only three out of ten Americans believe that US President Joe Biden is paying adequate attention to the issues that concern them most, while a record low of 34% approves of his overall job performance, a new survey has revealed.

The Monmouth University poll released on Monday showed that Biden’s approval rating has dropped ten percentage points in the past five months and is at its lowest level since he was sworn in as president. The percentage of US adults who disapprove of his performance has more than doubled since he took office in January 2021, to 61%.

The latest polling results come at a time when Biden is falling behind former President Donald Trump in his bid to win reelection in 2024, as voters are increasingly concerned over inflation and an illegal immigration crisis. Just 31% of Americans believe Biden is paying enough attention to the most pressing issues, compared with 65% who say he’s not doing enough, the Monmouth survey showed.

Only 26% of US adults approve of Biden’s immigration policies, while 28% think he is doing an adequate job handling inflation. When asked about the state of their own finances, 44% of respondents said they were struggling, double the percentage recorded during Trump’s presidency. Only 12% said their financial situation was improving.

It should always come down to the money. If elections were not fake, that is what would determine most of everything at this point.

When you’re doing great, you can do a bit worse to justify your weird child tranny and global war agendas. But when things are really bad, no one is thinking about the importance of child trannies or destroying Russia. They are only thinking about money.

The hate for Trump is something else altogether, of course.

Still, I think he can get 75% of the vote. The people who hate Trump but are basically just barely hanging on financially as a result of the insane Biden economic policies will just stay home. Some of them will go to vote and then lie to their friends about who they voted for.

However: I don’t see a Trump win as possible, unless the Jews decide that he’d be better for the war agenda, which seems very unlikely. There are not real elections. The elections are fake. But it’s possible that the people who fake the elections would choose Trump. It’s possible. It’s very unlikely. But possible.