Voters Unsure How Israel Will Respond to the Economic Attack on Alex Jones in the South China Sea

Very strange top headline on the AP today:

I actually agree with the underlying claim, which is that peasants are too stupid and uninformed to make decisions about how the country is run. I think it’s strange that all of these “democracy” people have taken this fascist position that I have.

It was clear with the whole “disinformation” idea that “democracy,” whatever it is, is no longer about “allowing the public to decide.” You can’t say “these people are intelligent and competent enough to decide who runs the government” and also “the people are too stupid to have free access to information.” Both things cannot be simultaneously true.

Imagine that the CEO of a corporation had a team of staffers who decided what information about the company he was allowed to see, claiming that if they showed him certain information, he would make bad decisions, claiming that he was too stupid to parse the information. The first thing you would notice in that situation is that if there is a team that is guiding the decision-making process by limiting information, the team is actually the one making the decisions. So, the concept of “disinformation” and “misinformation” – that is, the idea that there are entire categories of information that have to be aggressively censored in order to guide the thinking of the voting public – change democracy from “government by the people” to “government by censors.”

As regards the claim that people are too stupid to understand that the economy is good: if that were true, then they shouldn’t be deciding how the government is run through democracy. Managing the economy is arguably the second most important function of a modern national government, after the national defense. So you can’t have people who have zero understanding of the economy making decisions about how it is run, and therefore, the title of that article proves that democracy is an invalid form of government.

Of course, it’s all academic anyway, given that public opinion never overlaps with government action in a democracy. Popular opinion tends to overlap with government action in what we are now calling “autocracy.” Putin usually has around an 85% approval rating, Xi Jinping’s hovers in the low 90s. There is no democracy on earth that has numbers anywhere near this. Joe Biden’s approval rating has consistently been around 40%.

It’s astonishing and almost unbelievable that it is that high, but it still creates a stark contrast between “democracy” and “autocracy.” The obvious assumption is that “autocracy” is a much better form of government, as any government’s job is ultimately to serve the people. (Otherwise, why would they allow it to exist? There are always more of us than there are of them.)

There is no real explanation for this problem. Recently, they’ve claimed that Russians (and perhaps the Chinese as well) are biologically evil, which is why they support their evil leader and their evil governmental system. However, many people would not find that answer satisfactory.

My thinking is that people actually do understand how the economy is affecting their lives, which means that the measurement systems being used are invalid. In America, poor people and lower middle class people can vote. That concept is virtually incomprehensible, but I digress. Poor people are not involved in the stock market, and therefore they liked the jobs market under Donald Trump. Of course, the stock market was much better under Donald Trump as well. The economy is a very base level matter, which directly affects everyone’s lives. I don’t think poor people tend to understand it, but, excluding a small number of Jewish criminals, rich people’s lives are actually affected more than theirs by a bad economy. Everyone gets squeezed. Meanwhile, every problem with Donald Trump was some kind of abstract ideological thing that didn’t affect anyone’s life in any way at all, unless they were obsessively watching some hysterical cable news show which purposefully caused them stress by encouraging mental delusions.

I keep saying that “Donald Trump can’t win,” and I believe it is true. The voting system is entirely rigged. However, after 4 years of this economic terror, of global war, deranged child sexual agendas in everyone’s schools – the real life consequences of the Biden administration are going to create an even more unbelievable fake election.

(Btw, what do we think of the title? I just invented this, and I like it. Obviously, you can only do it once per day.)