Brandon Bombing Syria Again

Okay so, next week is acid art inspired by me playing Om in the background for like three days, and then after that it’s “1990s action figures.” This is a sneak preview. Don’t share it. Do not. Share. It. I don’t know what the theme will be the week after next, but it will fit the art. The AI is already in charge of my very important decisions. But just so you understand: we are NOT doing any more Pixar, ever.



US President Joe Biden has ordered an airstrike against a weapons depot in Syria that is allegedly used by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and affiliated groups, marking Washington’s latest response to drone and rocket attacks on its bases in the region.

Two US F-15 fighter jets carried out the latest airstrike on Wednesday in eastern Syria, the Pentagon said in a statement. It followed strikes in the same region on October 26 against the Iranian-backed militant groups that Washington has blamed for attacks on its bases.

Illegal US outposts in Syria and military bases Iraq have come under attacks at least 38 times since October 17, reflecting rising tensions in the region amid the Israel-Hamas war. Tehran has repeatedly warned that various regional forces won’t sit idle and and that “new fronts” will be opened, if Washington continues to support Israel in its bombing of Gaza.

This is actually filler, because I wrote too much and need to sleep soon. It seems sort of maybe important though. I can’t really say right now. It’s not exactly a rare occurrence. Americans love bombing Syria to remind the world Uncle Sam has his tranny-faggot lips wrapped around a circumcised cock. It usually doesn’t mean much else.

But it might mean something given the context.

Whatever. I probably should have done the GTA 6 story instead. It’s not really a story, they just said they are releasing a teaser trailer in December. Brace yourselves. They are going to ruin all of your memories. People are like “NOOOO, BUT RDR 2 ONLY HAD A LITTLE BIT OF CUCKOLDRY ABOUT THE BLACKS!!!!! NOOOOO!!!!! DON’T TELL ME GTA 6 IS GONNA BE FULL TRANNY INTERRACIAL GANGBANG, NOOOOOOO!!!!!”

Sorry, bro.

I truly am sorry.

No one wanted this.

No one.

Rockstar travels through time to shit on the graves of your favorite gaming memories

We’re all in this together.

My sleep is a mess, because of all these revelations.

It’s a kind of mania.

It’s possible that someone is putting amphetamine in my morning cheese platter, and that’s the bottom line of these revelations.

Maybe there’s no tumor at all.

Or maybe the amphetamine caused the tumor?