Top State Department Anti-Russia Shill Publishes Op-Ed Saying War Effort Doomed

“Welcome back to the fight, Comrade. Things have escalated.”

Yulia Latynina is a State Department shill born in Russia. She received several awards from the State Department and State Department entities, and worked on American propaganda in Russia until she was shut down and declared a foreign agent following the start of the Ukraine war.

She is a total shill for the Ukraine war, and has been a key American asset in publishing illegal anti-war materials in the Russian language. She is probably Jewish.

This week, she published an op-ed in The Hill entitled “Ukraine is waking up to reality,” in which she basically says the war effort is doomed.

She includes in her analysis a lot of moronic canards about Russian incompetence, as well as stupid hoaxes relating to Ukrainian guile, but goes on to admit that Zelensky has lost his mind and the “Ukraine people” (whatever that is) no longer support the war.

She further notes that the Russian economy is doing great, and there can be no illusions about this fact. She notes that the great economy means that Russia is going to be able to spend more money than the West on the war in 2024.

She ends by claiming that Putin is insane but that he is winning the war.

Again, this is a hardcore State Department shill, who has made her entire fortune off of shilling. She wouldn’t publish this unless someone told her to.

Slowly, Ukrainians began to wonder if the government’s corruption had gone inter-dimensional.

The media shilled this war very hard. They made the lunatic claim that the Ukraine was going to win somehow. Over and over, they made this claim. It takes time to wind that down. Now, however, there is an immediate need to do so, as the State Department wants to pivot completely to war in the Middle East.

Every day, we are seeing the narrative shift further and further, as different organs of the State Department continue to break the news to the goyim that in fact, the Ukraine war is going to end and Russia is going to get to keep all of that territory they took.

Facing increasing challenges on the frontlines, Ukrainians eventually began to lose their appetite for continuing the endless war.

Of course, instead of admitting that their demand for war doubled the amount of territory Russia took, they are instead claiming victory by saying that Putin wanted to conquer the whole Ukraine and failed to do so. They’ve created a spin factory, ginning up all sorts of bizarre narratives to dump on people.

As far as we can tell, the funding has already stopped. It’s possible that there will be one final package for Kiev before the US admits defeat, but that is becoming less likely. Mitch McConnell, one of the top Ukraine shills on earth, a man who dubbed the war “the most important thing in the world,” this week agreed to fund the government without Ukraine funding.

If you’ve lost Mitch, you’ve lost America.

The Biden White House is still screeching about the thing, but the Jewish Secretary of State has effectively defected to Israel. He’s set up an office there and is staying there with Netanyahu.

Finally, the Ukrainians began to accept that those tasked with fighting the war were not acting in the country’s best interests