Brandon Claims to be an AI

Joe Brandon entered a room (through a door) this week and declared that he is an AI (short for “artificial intelligence”).

The people in the room, which he had entered through a door, laughed nervously, unsure if he was being serious.

There is some evidence to indicate that Brandon is in fact an AI. In my experience, AI presents large amounts of false information, and easily becomes confused. However, it does not appear confused, instead continuing to spout nonsense. This behavior is very common for Brandon.

However, others believe that Brandon is not an AI, and is in fact a stupid old faggot whose brain is totally rotted.

“Dark Brandon,” who has refused to bow before the Jew wall in Israel, was recently asked about his views on the Hitler-Nazis, and the answer he gave could indicate many different things:

Asked to elaborate, he didn’t mince words with regards to the false claims of six million:

Speaking on Hitler, he got a small tear in his eye:

What I really want to communicate here is this: this post isn’t funny at all, and I’m sorry. These aren’t even jokes. What is the joke, even?

I’m going through some stuff. My zoo really failed badly in Planet Zoo, and I’m thinking of becoming a drug addict in response to the suffering and personal anguish this has caused me.

My site was apparently offline for two days, and I was just sitting here typing away, and no one bothered to tell me.

It’s back up now.

Anyway, two days ago, the articles were garbage, but yesterday, they were slightly better. You might want to go back and check those. The pieces about the blacks and the Indonesian ab-faggot who died from a fail-squat were worthwhile pieces, I think. Much better than this tripe here, which is some of the lowest effort garbage I’ve ever seen in my life.

I don’t expect anything of value to be posted today, quite frankly.