Brandon Condemns “Ancient Hatred of Jews,” Victim-Blames Palestinians for Jewish Mass Murder

If I went around saying “everyone I have ever met hates me,” people would ask “why?”

The Jews are apparently unaware that this is the immediate reaction to that claim.

They try to prevent people from asking “why?” and if someone does, they are accused of being an antisemite. The reason people hate them, according to the Jews, is “for no reason.” Or maybe it’s just because people are jealous of them?


President Joe Biden on Tuesday issued a call to fight a swiftly rising tide of antisemitism amid a precarious moment in Israel’s war against Hamas and as protests have swept American college campuses, laying bare Biden’s trouble with some young voters.

Biden’s longtime and stalwart support for Israel has come under intense pressure as the humanitarian crisis in Gaza grows. More than 34,000 people have been killed in Gaza since October 7 despite the president’s efforts to convince Israel to strike a balance between defending itself and preventing the deaths of Palestinian civilians. While ceasefire talks are ongoing in Cairo and Doha, Qatar, there is now the looming threat of an Israeli military invasion into the Gazan city of Rafah where many civilians have taken refuge.

Biden delivered a keynote address Tuesday at the US Holocaust Memorial Museum’s annual Days of Remembrance ceremony at the US Capitol, remarks the White House says will honor the 6 million Jews killed in the Holocaust and “recommit to heeding the lessons of this dark chapter: Never again.

Note: Biden did not provide proof for his assertions of fake shower room gas chambers.

The president addressed the long history of antisemitism and issued what one senior administration official familiar with the remarks described as a “call to action” on combatting antisemitism. The president plans to address the recent campus unrest, the official told CNN ahead of the speech, by reiterating that Americans have a right to peacefully demonstrate but also rejecting antisemitic hate speech and actions resulting from those protests. The protests are not expected to be a major part of the speech, the official added.

How is Tom Cotton able to go out there with a straight face and claim that Biden is not doing enough for the Jews? It’s unhinged. Biden is Jew Shill Alpha. He is the model shill for the Jews.