NYPD Taking Heat Over Needless Violence Against Protesters Who Criticize Jews

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The cops will just attack you on the streets if you criticize the Jews.

Nothing like this has ever happened before in America. It’s a totally new standard of lawlessness.

People will complain about it, but complaints don’t mean anything. If you complain, the cops will just beat you and gas you.

New York Post:

The NYPD is taking heat over a violent clash with demonstrators at an anti-Israel event in Brooklyn that led to more than a dozen arrests Saturday.

The busts came during a Nakba Day protest in Bay Ridge that was broken up by cops — with footage posted online showing New York’s Finest pinning down and even slugging demonstrators.

“Bay Ridge is home to the largest Palestinian community in New York City,” city Councilman Justin Brannan (D-Brooklyn), told The Post on Sunday. “There has been a Nakba Day demonstration here every year for the past decade without violence.

I saw no evidence of actions by protestors yesterday that warranted such an aggressive response from NYPD,” he said. “These were not our local cops. Clearly, there was a ‘zero tolerance’ edict sent down from 1PP [police headquarters] which escalated everything and made it worse.

“I’m still waiting on information and details about the arrests that were made, but from my vantage point, the response appeared pre-emptive, retaliatory and cumulatively aggressive,” Brannan added.

Nakba Day notes the start of the Arab-Israeli conflict in 1948 and is viewed by Palestinians as the beginning of their displacement — with Brannan adding that this year’s turnout was smaller than past years.

Video footage posted online shows police in a confrontation with the protesters, including two instances where cops are seen hurling punches at demonstrators who are pinned to the ground.

Greatest country in the world by the way.

It has the most freedom of all.

It’s the indispensable nation.

We uphold the rules-based order.

Elvis Dunderhoff contributed to this article.