Brandon Confuses Ukraine and Gaza (Easy Mistake, Really)

To be fair, there really isn’t much difference between the Ukraine and Israel. It’s just Jews slaughtering innocent people, backed by the United States.

I get them confused myself sometimes.


US President Joe Biden made a major verbal gaffe while announcing Washington’s plans to carry out a first military airdrop of vital supplies into Gaza on Friday – confusing the Palestinian enclave with Ukraine.

The US leader’s remarks came a day after Gaza health authorities accused Israeli forces of killing more than 100 people who tried to reach a relief convoy.

“In the coming days, we are going to join with our friends in Jordan and others in providing airdrops of additional food and supplies into Ukraine and seek to continue to open up other avenues into Ukraine, including the possibility of a marine corridor to deliver large amounts of humanitarian assistance,” Biden said.

Later in his prepared remarks, Biden noted that “aid flowing to Gaza is nowhere nearly enough now,” and White House National Security Council spokesman John Kirby also clarified that Biden “was referring to Gaza” when he said Ukraine.

Yeah, send more aid so the Jews can mow down the people trying to get it.

Biden hasn’t even really commented on the Flour Massacre. He said “it will complicate negotiations.” He didn’t mention that this is the single worst war crime that has ever been recorded on video. (Which is what it is – try to think of another one. It’s way worse than anything ISIS did.)

It seems like that scene should be enough for any human on earth to withdraw “unconditional support.”

No one has ever done anything like this.

I guess I think of General Sisi (another great US ally) mowing all those people down in that square during his coup, the Rabaa massacre it was called, but those were actual protesters, i.e., a threat. The people the Jews mowed down were literally starving peasants just trying to get bags of flour.

It’s yet another incredible “first” for the Jews.

Did you see this nigger eating ice cream while talking about a ceasefire?

What the hell even is this? I understand that focus groups have been done and “cutesy ice cream man” is something that plays well with Fatmerican audiences, but he’s going to slurp ice cream while talking about a ceasefire?

This looks insane. It looks like Caligula fucking a horse.

By the way, his claim that there will be a ceasefire by Monday was denied by both the Jews and Hamas, who claim there has been zero progress towards a ceasefire.

If he has literally no idea what is even going on, why are his handlers even letting him speak?

Is this solely designed to humiliate America?