Nimrata Drops Out of Race (Who the Hell Even Knows What’s Going on with This Election? I Sure Don’t)

I’m not making election predictions.

This whole thing is an absolute mess and it just keeps getting more bizarre.

The only prediction I’m making is that whatever happens, nothing is going to change (unless the US empire collapses).


Former US President Donald Trump has become the presumptive Republican nominee in the 2024 election, after Nikki Haley suspended her campaign following the Super Tuesday primaries.

Trump swept 14 out of 15 states that held primaries, with Haley only winning in Vermont. At the end of the day, Trump stood at 995 Republican convention delegates – more than a tenfold lead over Haley’s 89.

“The time has now come to suspend my campaign,” Haley told supporters in Charleston, South Carolina on Wednesday morning.

“I have no regrets,” she said, noting that her mother, who immigrated from India, was able to vote for her daughter in a presidential primary.

That’s disgusting.

Go back to your country, you vile cunt, and take your voodoo hag mother with you.

She didn’t endorse Trump, but came pretty close:

“In all likelihood Donald Trump will be the Republican nominee when our party convention meets in July. I congratulate him and wish him well,” she added.

I think this probably removes the possibility of “Haley” doing a third party run.

It doesn’t remove the possibility of Trump picking her as VP, but it is sort of unnecessary for him to do that. He’s already said he’s going to pick some extremist Jew-lover. He’s not picking Vivek or Tucker Carlson or someone who would have something closer to an actual America First platform.

Trump’s not stupid, he knows the elections are fake, and he knows the only way to get “elected” (i.e., installed by the federal government) is to be the full-Jew candidate who is going to be better at fighting wars for Israel than Joe Biden.

Of course, the Democrat machine is extremely powerful, and they might be able to outfox the extremist Israel faction that is supporting Trump.

It just doesn’t really even matter.

On some level, I think Trump would be worse, because he would be able to rally white people around a war against Iran (and most of the rest of the Middle East).

But then I’m like: “Wait, don’t I want a war in the Middle East, because I know the US will lose, and this whole rotten structure will finally come crashing down?”

I know there are a lot of readers who still support Trump. I understand you. I support the theoretical Trump. I have extreme affection for him personally as well. But the elections are fake. We know this. So if he does win, it’s proof we’re going to go to war for the Jews on a mass scale.

Remember: Trump was already the president once, and although things were better then than now obviously, he wasn’t able to do anything he said he was going to do. We were all chanting “build that wall,” then he gets in office and says “okay, now, the first order of business is Obamacare.” And it really all went downhill from there. Anything good he did was repealed by Joe Biden within a matter of days.

Further, so much of what Trump did was just retarded. It wasn’t him, it was the people he surrounded himself with, but what difference does it make?

There is Only One Way Out

The American Empire cannot be sustained and it cannot be fixed. The only question is when it comes crashing down.

The timeframe is dependent on only two factors:

  • The economic situation (which has several different factors)
  • American military losses

Since Brandon took office, the US surrendered in Afghanistan in the most humiliating way imaginable, they started and have effectively already lost a war against Russia, and they enabled Israel to commit an ongoing genocide campaign that threatens to trigger a region-wide conflict that the US cannot possibly win.

The economic situation is not really that bad at first glance, but this solvency is all based on nigger-rigged financial witchcraft. Ultimately, the BRICS countries are going to present a gold-backed currency which will cause the dollar to lose 70% of its value, and make the empire nonviable (if it doesn’t collapse due to military losses before that).

When you start a chess game, you have a certain number of possible moves. The more moves you make, the fewer possible moves you have left. When you reach a certain point, no matter which series of moves you make, you are going to lose. That is where the US Empire is at right now. There is no series of moves they can make that do not result in defeat.

You can also talk about “crossing the Rubicon” and “the point of no return.”

What they needed, at the start of the Biden Administration, was regime change in both Russia and China (or regime change in Russia resulting in some form of capitulation by China). That is now impossible. All of their various plans, which you can read about in their think tank papers, only make the situation worse.

Pushing for Taiwan independence as a way to attempt to humiliate Xi Jinping simply will not work. It will rally people around Xi even more, just as happened with the Ukraine debacle, with Putin now at a permanent 85% (or higher) approval rating.

Fighting a war with Iran is even more insane, as this is the preferred battleground of the enemies of the United States, given that it will be the most chaotic. It can’t be managed like they’ve managed the Ukraine.

The third option, which is sending NATO into the Ukraine, makes even less sense. Putin has made it explicit that if they did this, and they were winning, he would start firing nukes at Europe. But there is no reason to think they would win. Many of the Ukrainians, especially the neo-Nazis, are committed fighters who are battle-tested. What would NATO soldiers do when they all of a sudden find themselves in a real war with a real military? It doesn’t make sense that they would be expected to do better than the Ukrainians have done.

The other option, which I see as a lot less likely now than I did before October 7, is that there won’t be a major war at all, and instead the US will surrender in the Ukraine, and somehow deescalate in the Middle East, and then China and Russia will just continue building up and eventually establish a new order.

Regardless: the empire is going to end within our generation, and maybe rather quickly, depending on how they play their hand.

When the empire does end, things will be very bad for a while, but then they will get better. The things that we all oppose – the feminism, homosexuality, trannies, mass immigration, racial grievances, legalized crime, suppression of religion, war against small businesses and private enterprises, and everything else, is going to become impossible when the US is no longer an empire. This stuff is all the product of extreme decadence, and it’s only possible when a generation of corrupt and incompetent leaders are burning out the wealth of a formerly great empire.

The last gasp was Donald Trump. If he would have somehow used the military to abolish Congress and institute martial law, then fired absolutely everyone in the government, that might have worked. I mean, probably not. Probably he would have just been shot by someone from the Secret Service and that would have ended it, and then the Democrats would have established martial law.

Regardless, the election doesn’t really matter. On the meta level, it matters, because crazy things are going to happen (they are already happening like we’ve never seen before, and they’re going to get much worse). But there is zero reason to believe that Donald Trump “winning” the election would change anything for the better. Again, he can’t win. He can “win” by being installed.

No one should be saddened by the situation overall, however. The empire will end. And we are going to be free.