Brandon Mocks Trump Arrest, Asks for Money

Brandon’s Twitter people posted this the day Donald Trump was arrested and booked:

(“Let’s Finish the Job” is a reworking of Kamala’s 2020 slogan, which was “I’ll Finish You Off.”)

It’s confusing how it is that the Democrats are not aware of the monster they are creating here. Or they are aware of it, but they’re not afraid of it.

Trump is the stuff of political revolutions. He could have caused a civil uprising in 2020 if he wanted to. He could have ordered the military to stop the Democrats, he could have told soldiers to relieve any officers that wouldn’t follow his orders, he could have told the masses of his supporters to gather in city centers with guns.

Everyone would have done all of that. All he had to do was say it.

He didn’t say it. Disgusting people like Rudy Giuliani talked him out of it. I’m sure that MyPillow crackhead was telling him to do it. Basically, you’ve got your Rudys and you’ve got your MyPillow guys, and the Rudys won.

But it was really, really close in November of 2020 into getting to something very different.

Just sit and try to imagine if he’d immediately gone on Twitter and released a video message saying he’s ordering the military to seize the Capitol, ordering soldiers to shoot their COs if they don’t follow the orders of the commander-in-chief, and telling normal people to gather up their weaponry and descend on every state Capitol.

Of course, it’s dumb to imagine it, because it’s just sad. It’s so obvious that we were so close, that the election fraud provided a pretext, and Trump choked.

The point is, despite the fact he choked, he was the person who rearranged the political climate and brought it to the point where he could have released a 90-second video and probably had a 50/50 chance of establishing a right-wing dictatorship in America.

Whatever his faults, the man is a force of nature.

It seems to me like this is something you wouldn’t want to fuck around with.

That’s what they’re doing – they’re playing with matches at the gas station. They have to know these legal attacks on him are making him invincible. He’s going to be the 2024 nominee, and he’s going to have another chance at pushing America over the edge if he so chooses.

I mean, he probably won’t. He will probably be nominated, have the election stolen from him, then go to prison until he dies. That is the most likely outcome, if we’re just being real.

But who knows.

I don’t know.