McConnell Glitches Out Again, Freezes Up for Over 30 Seconds

That slimebag scum-sucker Mitch McConnell glitched out again on Wednesday, freezing up for more than 30 seconds.

This mf is 81 years old.

These boomers will not leave. They want to stay on top, kicking us in the face until they die. They’re making damn sure we have no ability to recover.

The entire boomer experience has been about crippling the future generations, so that they would remain the peak of wealth and prosperity forever. This plan has succeeded marvelously. They flooded us with immigrants, they shipped all the jobs out of the country, they pushed free sex on kids, they pushed homosexuality, they started all these wars, and now they’re trying to trigger World War III as they die off, laughing.

Mitch McConnell is going around glitching out while trying to push for total war with Russia and China at the same time. Why would a man who is well past his expiration date care about this at all? Why is he not on a porch in Kentucky with his dogs? He’s got tens of millions of dollars he suspiciously acquired on his $174,000 a year salary, so he can eat well with servants and so on. At worst, maybe he’d want to work on memoirs.

But no. He is full-on out there going hard for the Ukraine and Taiwan. He’s driven. The only thing he could be driven by is hatred. He doesn’t actually believe in “democracy.” No one believes in that or even knows wtf it is. His actions stem from pure hatred for the people who are going to deal with this when he’s dead.

No one really understands the root of this hatred other than the boomers themselves. But it’s a real shame.

We had a good country, you know? I don’t think we should have done that stuff to the Germans, but the boomers inherited a country that was still very good. It was moral and prosperous. They took power, they held power, and they ruined everything.

Of course, the average boomer can’t be blamed for the behavior of Mitch McConnell – at least, all things being equal, he couldn’t be. But they all support this stuff. Boomers all say “I’m not racist.” They all support the troops, all support Israel. They all promote these deranged narratives from the media. They just keep doing it. They’ve been doing it since the 1960s. They were the ones who pushed coronavirus lockdowns, saying they didn’t care what happened to kids, they were scared of dying and so society had to stop.

These people divorced and sent their kids off to college to rack up debt for no reason, or let them go off and die on drugs. They’re the first known generation to not take care of their own kids, viewing them as a burden rather than a blessing. I guess they want us to thank them for destroying marriage, as they view this as “liberation.”

We all know boomers. Their personal selfishness and narcissism is monumental. It borders on solipsism, in fact.

There’s no point in being angry about it. There’s definitely no point in discussing it with your own boomers. They do not understand. Their entire reality is based around this identity they formed in the 1960s, and that’s just what it is.

They are not capable of comprehending that young people would be angry about what they did to society, and this hatred for us might be subliminal. I do not know. I do know that if you try to talk to a boomer about this, they will just start talking about their emotions and how they never did anything wrong and everyone was against them and they only want to feel happiness (and they deserve happiness).

Anyway, they’re all old now, so there’s for sure no reason to go harassing them. It’s whatever. The thing is already done anyway. America is totally destroyed, and Europe is not looking much better. We’re just going to have to deal with this.

Unfortunately, when the boomers do die off, the country is going to be like, 70% nonwhite. Due to the decisions of the boomers, and the belief that “all people are the same” like the John Lennon song.

I think John Lennon is who you want to look at if you want to understand this attitude of the boomers. They had many different icons of their values, but he is the most important one.

Imagine being from Kentucky and saying “Ukraine is the most important thing in the world.”

Kentucky has some of the poorest people on earth. They’ve been totally decimated by the collapse of the coal industry, by social media, by drugs.

Those are the people Mitch is supposed to be representing.

They need help.

People should really watch these Peter Santenello videos about what is going on there.

Here’s a recent one about drugs:

He’s sort of a goofy guy, maybe not the world’s best interviewer, but he’s a fantastic videographer, and the editing is great. He captures the feel. He goes all around the country, but he’s been in Appalachia for a while and releasing videos.

Mitch McConnell was literally supposed to be representing these people, and he oversaw their absolute decline. He supported loosening drug laws. Further, you should go read all that stuff Dan Blankenship accused him of. It all checks out.

In some ways, this Ukraine war mania is just an effective way to deny Americans what they deserve from the government. It’s a big spectacular manufactured crisis designed to suck money out of America. There is so much money in this country that if you just left it lying around you’d have to give some to the poor, have to help them in some way – so you have to spend it on something!


I just hope Mitch McConnell dies in public in a funny way. Like, he slips and falls and breaks his neck or something.

He is way further gone than Joe Biden at this point, so we might well get to see him die on video.