Brandon Pledges “Ironclad” Support for Israel Against Iran

Brandon is out there saying he doesn’t want Israel slaughtering too many more babies in Gaza. He’ll keep funding it forever, but he doesn’t like it, he says.

Now he’s saying he wants to help the Jews kill everyone in Iran.

Is this reasonable?

New York Post:

President Biden pledged “ironclad” US support for Israel Wednesday should Iran follow through on its threats to strike the Jewish state – despite calling on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to implement an extended cease-fire in the war against Hamas days earlier.

As US officials warn that an Iranian strike on Israel could take place soon, the 81-year-old president said he told Netanyahu that the US would do everything possible to protect its Middle East ally.

“We also want to address the Iranian threat to launch a signif… they’re threatening to launch a significant attack on Israel,” Biden told reporters at the White House during a joint news conference with Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida. “As I told Prime Minister Netanyahu, our commitment to Israel’s security against these threats from Iran and its proxies is ironclad — let me say it again, ironclad.”

We’re going to do all we can to protect Israel’s security,” the president added.

The Jews have been getting angry that Brandon is saying he’s against them killing people in Gaza. But what the Jews actually want is a war with Iran. Specifically, they want America to fight a war with Iran for them.

What Brandon is saying is that if the Jews trigger a war with Iran, America will devote its full military to fighting that war for them.

You, my dear parasocial friend, could be looking at being drafted. No joke. That might seem crazy. But there is no way the US can fight any major war without a draft.

What’s more: they’ve been watching you.

A few months ago, the media admitted that the Brandon government has over 2 million people on the terrorist watch list.

Those are going to be the first to be drafted.

Maybe you’ve tried to do really good op-sec, and keep the government from knowing you post racist memes on the internet, but even if your op-sec is perfect, they will have an idea that you’re a right-winger, just because you’re in good shape and don’t subscribe to Netflix and Disney+. They will draft you to die in a war just to get rid of you.

You should seriously consider leaving America. There is nothing here for you. You cannot save this system. Everything is totally doomed. You would have to be an idiotic child to believe you’re going to vote the pro-war abortionist Donald Trump into power and “Make America Great Again.”

America is so very doomed. So very, very doomed.

If the government collapses, you can come back to America from wherever you fled to, and join the fun. But until the government collapses, you are just waiting around to be sent to fight in some war for the Jews.

We know what Bibi’s plan is.

Bibi is planning to continue the slaughter in Gaza by moving into Rafah, then to attack Lebanon. When he attacks Lebanon, Iran will have to support Hezbollah, and then he will have an excuse to attack Iran. When Iran pushes back, he will scream that he’s the victim, and demand the US come help him.

Biden is saying, explicitly, that when he does this, America will come help him.

That means a military draft. There is nothing else that could mean.

Obviously, this is a specific series of events that is going to unfold over a period of months or years, and there are other things that could happen. There are people in the government who would prefer an escalation of the war with Russia by triggering a scenario in which Russia is forced to confront NATO.

What did Biden say about that?

There are a lot more in Washington that would prefer war with China. Right now, the US is attempting to provoke a war between the Philippines and China, and that faggot house nigger Marcos is going right along with this plan, while Duterte has now been totally exiled to Mindanao.

And what has Biden said about that situation?

You see the pattern here?

There are three separate fronts that could trigger a world war, and the US government is agitating for war on all three fronts, committing to fighting a world war if there is any escalation on any of these fronts.

What is the likelihood that escalation will not happen on one of these three fronts, while the US is aggressively pushing for it in all three cases?

It would be better if they choked and then the US dollar collapsed and then the US could no longer afford to fund its war machine and the US Anal Empire just collapsed like the USSR. That would be, by far, the best possibility. And maybe that will happen. I don’t know. No one knows. The people in charge of this don’t know. Anyone who tells you they can predict this is lying.

But those are the options: world war started on one of three fronts, or a collapse of the US.

And guess what, retard?

It doesn’t matter who wins the election. If you think that matters, you are literally retarded.

The election isn’t even real. If Trump “wins,” it’s because the Jews wanted him to win. That’s all.

Leave the US or at least get outside of the major cities and lay low.

This shit is about to pop off soon, in the next 2-3 years max, and it could be much sooner.

Save yourself. That’s all you can do at this point. The time for “saving America” is long, long past.