Next Pandemics to Also be Caused by the Flu, “Leading” Scientists Warn

The government/media is constantly talking about “the next pandemic” as a foregone conclusion.

This means “the next time we decide to lock you in your houses and force you to wear these masks and get injected with deadly gene therapy shots.”

There was no first pandemic. A pandemic isn’t even plausible.

The Guardian:

Influenza is the pathogen most likely to trigger a new pandemic in the near future, according to leading scientists.

An international survey, to be published next weekend, will reveal that 57% of senior disease experts now think that a strain of flu virus will be the cause of the next global outbreak of deadly infectious illness.

The belief that influenza is the world’s greatest pandemic threat is based on long-term research showing it is constantly evolving and mutating, said Cologne University’s Jon Salmanton-García, who carried out the study.

“Each winter influenza appears,” he said. “You could describe these outbreaks as little pandemics. They are more or less controlled because the different strains that cause them are not virulent enough – but that will not necessarily be the case for ever.”

Details of the survey – which involved inputs from a total of 187 senior scientists – will be revealed at European Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (ESCMID) congress in Barcelona next weekend.

The next most likely cause of a pandemic, after influenza, is likely to be a virus – dubbed Disease X – that is still unknown to science, according to 21% of the experts who took part in the study. They believe the next pandemic will be caused by an as-yet-to-be-identified micro-organism that will appear out of the blue, just as the Sars-CoV-2 virus, the cause of Covid-19, did, when it started to infect humans in 2019.

Wait, I thought they were saying “Disease X” is going to be the flu. Now the flu is more likely than Disease X?

What does any of this mean? Who reads this and thinks it makes sense?