America Surrenders in Niger, Admitting It Does Not Have the Resources to Fight the Whole World

I’ve been reading through John Mearsheimer’s bibliography. I had not read any of these books other than “The Israel Lobby” before. I was going to write about each one, then I decided I would read them all first and then write a general commentary. It’s crazy is how much this stuff I’ve never read overlaps with the stuff I write on this site.

Obviously, I’ve been exposed to the various “big ideas” before. I had read “realists” before. But much of Mearsheimer’s point-by-point analysis of the geopolitical situation overlaps directly with my own personal analysis, which was largely formulated in my brain based on think tank articles. I didn’t realize there was a contemporary academic who shared so many of my views on the way the world works in such detail. It is something of a fascinating discovery.

I don’t agree with most of Mearsheimer’s conclusions about what should happen next, because he actually supports the US continuing to exist as some kind of major power, and even though he wrote the Israel Lobby, refuses to label Jews as a “hostile alien elite.” But the analysis of the “unipolar moment,” the expansion and failure of the “liberal international order” and the “rise of China” overlap more or less 100% with my thinking.

What he does not use is my analysis that the people in charge right now are significantly dumber and more decadent than the people who were in charge at the collapse of the USSR, meaning there is no ability for reflection on strategy, which is something key to my basic analysis. So far in my reading, I have also not seen him pinpoint how much of a trigger the aggressive US promotion of feminism and homosexuality is for many countries. He does hint at that, sort of, but doesn’t make a direct link between the intensifying of the social engineering and the collapse of support for the US, instead viewing it as inevitable. It might have been inevitable, but saying “people should vote and you should have human rights” is a lot different than going into schools and teaching little boys how to do anal.

I haven’t watched it yet, but I saw he did a debate with arch liberal Jew Steven Pinker, who I have read before and who, looking back, probably helped me a lot in formulating my understanding of the US/Jewish strategy of global dominance as based on undermining social cohesion and isolating individuals. Pinker more or less explicates that feminism/homosexuality is a global psychological warfare program designed to undermine and destroy all cultures on earth, which is exactly as I view it. Probably in the debate between the two, this comes up, as Pinker is so obsessed with anal sex. (I’ll try to watch that soon and maybe write a review)

Overall, I think my analysis is much better than Mearsheimer’s. I say that with all modesty.

However, what he says about the process we’re entering now is exactly what I’ve said: you are going to start seeing fires all over the world, as the US attempts to retain dominance over these various nations. These nations prefer the Chinese Model, given that the Chinese are not trying to form a liberal order (and therefore do not tell people what holes their cocks should be rammed into).

You’ll remember that the US was attempting to start a war with Niger. They told Nigeria to invade Niger, even as the US continued to house troops there (which likely would have been targeted during any Nigerian invasion, and would have served as a tripwire, an excuse for American bombing, while they also armed and mobilized various ISIS type terrorist forces). Now the US is totally surrendering.

The Guardian:

The US will withdraw more than 1,000 military personnel from Niger in a move that will force the Biden administration to rethink its counter-terrorism strategy and amounts to a strategic victory for Russia.

The decision comes a month after the west African country’s ruling military junta revoked a security pact with Washington that had allowed American forces on its soil to help fight jihadist terrorism.

US officials had voiced hopes that behind-the-scenes talks could salvage the 12-year-old agreement, which was thrown into jeopardy on 15 March when a junta spokesperson publicly declared the continued US military presence in Niger “illegal”.

But the US finally admitted defeat after meetings in Washington this week between Kurt Campbell, the deputy secretary of state, and Niger’s prime minister, Ali Lamine Zeine.

The withdrawal, expected to occur over the coming months, will mean the closure of a US drone facility, known as Base 201, at Agadez in the Sahara that was opened in 2018 at a cost of $110m.

The base, one of the main US drone facilities in Africa, has been used in operations against jihadist groups in the Sahel region and was reportedly the launchpad for a series of deadly strikes against Islamic State fighters in Libya in 2019.

Niger’s relations with Washington have been tense since last July when the democratically elected president, Mohamed Bazoum, was overthrown in a coup. He remains under house arrest, despite American calls for his release.

Since the coup, Niger’s new leaders have pursued closer ties with Russia, mirroring neighbouring Mali and Burkina Faso, where Russian military forces have established a presence.

Just days after the arrival of Russian military equipment and advisers in the country, thousands of protesters gathered in the Nigerien capital, Niamey, last week to demand the withdrawal of American forces.

This is meaningful, as it is an absolute admission that the US is out of resources for wars, and cannot maintain infinity wars.

Of course, the Afghanistan surrender also proved that. You’ll remember that when Biden surrendered in Afghanistan, I told you that this was in preparation for a war in the Ukraine. There are not infinite resources. Not anymore. Not with China/Russia on the other side. The US now has to pick its battles.

But the US can’t pick its own battles. Its battles get picked by Bibi Netanyahu, if Bibi so chooses. And Bibi has decided that all US war resources will now be used in helping him destroy Iran.

The biggest question right now is whether the US will try to maintain the war in the Ukraine while being forced into war in the Middle East, and the answer is probably “no.” This bill that Congress passed is intended to send a signal that the US will continue to fight all the wars against Johnson’s “Axis of Evil,” but this latest surrender in Niger proves they’re not actually going to do that.

Sending $60 billion to the Ukraine doesn’t do anything, and it’s not being sent to the Ukraine anyway.

It’s great to see people standing up against the US.

And you see that now, in Niger, the government is able to be populist. They are able to do what the masses of people want them to do. A liberal government cannot ever do that. Liberalism always has to force people to do things. There is no such thing as a “harmonious liberal state.” A liberal state cannot be harmonious, because it necessarily denies the population its natural right to self-determination. This is the way the US dominates the world, but it is also the way the US government dominates the American people.

That is why I say that the only way for the American people to ever be free is for the US Empire to fall.