Brandon Puts Out 30-Second Ad Promoting Gun Control

See: The US Government is a Criminal Gang with No Legitimate Authority to Rule the American People

There is polling that shows gun control is popular.

I’m not really sure what you’re supposed to do about that.

Abortion and gay sex are also really popular.

If you talk to a random sample of people in a major city, it really seems like a majority of the country is getting the government it deserves.

Of course, the biggest problem is that woman and (to a lesser extent) brown people are allowed to vote, which is obviously illegitimate, even if you believe in the system.

I do not believe in the system. If the system was legitimate, you would automatically disqualify anyone running ads saying they’re going to take away your constitutional rights, and arrest and imprison them for sedition.

New York Post:

President Biden pulled the trigger on a new 30-second ad touting his support for gun control — just days after first son Hunter Biden was convicted on felony gun charges.

Following the Supreme Court ruling Friday to roll back a national ban on bump stocks, Biden quickly rolled out the 30-second spot where he also accused former President Donald Trump of being in the pocket of the National Rifle Association.

“When Trump was president— children gunned down in classrooms, innocent people killed in church and massacred at a concert. Still, Trump did nothing,” Biden said in the ad.

“He sided with the NRA, but I sided with you. I’ve expanded background checks, created an office of gun violence prevention, and now murder rates are down.”

Murder rates are not down. They went down slightly in 2023, but not as much as they went up after Biden took office.

Maybe that proves his point, but murder is not even related to how many guns there are or how easy it is to legally purchase a gun. Murder is related to black people using illegal guns (as well as other weapons, but mostly guns).

They went ape after the whole BLM thing and now appear to have chilled out.

And hey – what’s going on with the murder rate in Gaza?

How’s that going, Joe?