BREAKING: Hostage Situation Unfolding! Two Down And… Nevermind, It’s Just the Blacks

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
August 28, 2019

Show me your war face because we’ve got a live one, folks!


A man armed with a high-powered rifle has barricaded himself in a home in West Helena, Arkansas and is shooting at responding police officers. Two people were found dead in the front yard.

Ah yes, the old high-powered rifle meme. We all know that people should only be allowed to buy the low-powered kind, to keep our streets and schools safe.

The Helena-West Helena police chief confirmed that the two people found outside the residence were deceased, and that the suspect was shooting at officers from the inside. A hostage was reportedly inside the house with the suspect. 

Sounds like a developing live shooter situation! When are they going to send in the SWAT team? Where is the rolling coverage by the media?

What is going on here???

Local police, including a SWAT team, and Arkansas state troopers have both responded to the situation unfolding in the small town on Tuesday evening.

Police have blocked traffic to the area near the Martin Luther King Jr. Drive and are warning local residents to stay inside until the situation is resolved.


Well, that explains that.

No one is interested in yet another nog shootout with the police, even if there is a hostage involved. Anyone who goes to a place called Martin Luther King Jr. Drive is putting his life in his own hands anyway.

Anything named after the great African Kang himself is a no-go zone in America, so much so that I’m surprised that the police even bothered to respond to the call.

In the meantime, there seems to have been a complete lull in mass black street activity (read: chimping) and more of these shootouts with the police. I assume that with BLM suddenly being told to cut it out by the Jews, there’s no longer a readily accessible outlet for black ferality while in the meantime the media hate campaign against White people is reaching Rwandan Hutu vs Tutsi levels. This is leading to more shootouts with the cops.

No one is holding the media to account for their campaign of incitement and hate so we can reasonably assume that the shootings will continue.

All the black community needs now is a Ras the Exhorter figure to appear from among them for a massive machete chimpout/race riot to begin.

My money is on Shaun “Talcum X” Kang being the one to rise up and leads his people in one big shootout with the police.

He will then assume his rightful place as the official Leader of All the Blacks and there will be peace in the land.