Deadly Vibrancy: Kids Hurt in Drive-By Shooting at London Church

If anything, the UK needs even more black people.

They deserve all of these murders because of what they did to the innocent Jews during the Holocaust.

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And the British have the nerve to whine about a few people getting shot at a church?


A seven-year-old girl was left with life-threatening injuries after she and five others, including another child, were hurt in a drive-by shooting on Saturday near a church in London where a funeral was taking place, British police said.

Detectives said the girl had been taken to hospital and remained in a life-threatening condition after the shooting not far from Euston train station in north London.

A 12-year-old girl was also among those injured and had been taken to hospital with a minor leg injury but later discharged.

“Any shooting incident is unacceptable, but for multiple people, including two children, to be injured in a shooting in the middle of a Saturday afternoon is shocking,” Superintendent Ed Wells said in a statement.

Police said four women, aged 21, 48, 54 and 41, were also taken to hospital after the shooting, with the 48-year-old said to have suffered potentially life-changing injuries.

“I am deeply shocked by the shooting in Euston and want to thank the emergency services for their response,” Keir Starmer, the leader of Britain’s main opposition Labour Party, said on Twitter.

After what the Jews went through during the Holocaust, it is actually anti-Semitic for the British to complain about blacks shooting them.

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