Breaking the Guilt Spell

Islam Versus Europe
November 26, 2013


Europeans are the only moral people on earth. Why do I say this? Because morality consists in a willingness to accept and apply abstract standards of justice even when doing so conflicts with your own interests. Europeans are the only people on earth who consistently try to “do the right thing” even when they suffer as a consequence. Every non-European people, including the ones resident in European societies, simply ruthlessly advances its own ethnic interests then invents justifications for it afterwards. That is their morality. Or rather, their lack thereof.

Europeans perceive this phenomenon and tend to accept it as a given, often making excuses for the non-Europeans who act in this way. For example: they’re poor; they’re of recent immigrant origin; they face colour prejudice; they’re stupid (the last thought but almost never expressed openly). What’s clear to me, though, is that Jews exhibit exactly the same tendencies, even though none of these excuses apply to them. This became apparent in the recent threads on Jewish topics in which Jewish commenters participated. The most striking thing to emerge from these threads is that Jews are simple not capable of looking beyond their own blinkered ethnic perspective. It doesn’t matter how much evidence you cite to support a claim that Jews, somewhere, sometime, may have harmed the interests of non-Jews. They cannot admit it. Even when you bludgeon them over the head with evidence, they cannot step out of the boundaries of their self-imposed victim narrative. Exactly like Muslims, in other words.

I find this frightening, not so much for what it tells us about Jews, although that’s bad enough, but for what it tells us about human nature in general. Nor is it that Jews are really exceptional in this. They are simply acting in the way that all non-European peoples act. In other words, they ruthlessly advance their own ethnic interests. Their morality and their ethnic interests are co-equivalent. Insofar as they have rational faculties, those faculties are used to justify their actions retrospectively, not to decide, on the basis of abstract standards of justice, what those actions should be.

We Europeans are surrounded by ethnic predators, many of whom are now resident in our societies and have infiltrated themselves into positions of power within those societies. These predators ruthlessly advance their own ethnic interests by telling us that we should disregard ours. They ruthlessly advance their own ethnic interests by telling us that ethnic interests don’t matter. And we believe them. We take them seriously. Why? It is as if we have practised unilateral disarmament in a belligerent world.

These aliens have grasped the truth expressed in the first sentence of this essay: Europeans are the only moral people on earth. It is our morality, our willingness to disregard kin preference, that made our societies dominant throughout the world. It did this by liberating the talent that, in other societies where unrestrained kin preference reigned, would have remained locked in and underutilised. The Arab who was a potentially brilliant engineer never got the chance to use his talents because the sheikh’s cousin had a monopoly on engineering work in the kingdom. The potentially brilliant Chink scientist never got a chance to show his talents because his country was ruled by an elite kin group whose leading figure, the emperor, wasn’t interested in science. The openness that characterised our societies was our strength, but also our weakness: our tragic flaw. A tragic flaw is a characteristic that leads a hero initially to success – it is what makes him heroic – but, ultimately, it seals his doom. Modern multiculturalism, the eager embrace of the alien, is just the latest, and now pathological, expression of this longstanding tendency in our civilisation towards the disregard of kin group preference.

Non-European peoples who find themselves involved in conflicts of interest with European peoples – which means virtually all non-European peoples on earth, including and especially those resident in European societies – have grasped that the easiest way to get the better of Europeans is not to confront them directly. It is not to challenge them openly and meet them on the field of battle. It is, instead, to learn to manipulate their extraordinarily high ethical standards and to use them as a weapon against them. These aliens quickly learn to mimic the vocabulary of European moral idealism, without sharing any of its spirit. Tariq Ramadan is a contemporary Muslim master of the art, but it is a game the Jews have long excelled at.

Once the aliens have learned how to press Europe’s guilt buttons, they can set off moral civil wars among us so that we are incapable of banding together to defend our interests. The recent refusal of the Danish People’s Party to join the alliance proposed by Geert Wilders and Marine Le Pen is an example of this. The supposed “antisemitism” of the Front National was the reason cited. Like the recently liberated London slaves, we Europeans are held captive in “invisible chains”. The chains are the guilt memes that have been instilled into us throughout our lives.

I’ve tried to think of an analogy for those Europeans, semi-aware of the looming catastrophe, who nonetheless side against those trying to stop it because they deem them to have stepped on to the wrong side of some ethereal anathema line. The best I can come up with is this: There is a family that cannot afford to feed its children properly. They are slowly starving to death. One day the parents of the family are offered a package of food for free. It could save their children’s lives. But they decide to turn it down because “it’s not organic”. They would rather let their children starve to death than violate the rarefied and extreme ethical standards they have internalised.

This is the affliction we see in Europe now among those aware of the slow genocide immigration is inflicting on us: UKIP banning BNP and EDL members from joining; Douglas Murray telling Tommy Robinson to fuck off; Tommy Robinson abandoning the EDL because of the “extremists”; the anti-jihad activists who jeered as Golden Dawn was taken down; the Counterjihadists now boycotting me because I have dared to point out harsh truths about the consequences of Jewish activism in favour of immigration, multiculturalism and the criminalisation of free speech. Everyone oppressed by their guilt syndrome, terrified of being anathematised, panicked at the prospect of the Inquisition turning up at their door. Everyone wants to do something about the problem, just nothing that would actually work. Everyone looking for a way to walk between the raindrops without getting wet.

How do we escape this predicament? First, become aware of what is happening. The knowledge itself is liberating: non-European peoples are manipulating our sense of ethics to make us believe that defending our interests is wrong and advancing their interests is right. Second, we must strive to make ourselves immune to this guilt-based manipulation.

Guilt-based manipulation generally operates through what I call the Oriental Method of Discourse. The Oriental Method of Discourse works by challenging the motivation of the person making a proposition rather than the content of the proposition itself. Usually, this involves an attack on the person’s moral purity. All of the guilt-based slurs we have become wearily familiar with – racist, islamphobe, antisemite – work in this way.
The solution is to simply ignore attacks on your motivation. Don’t defend yourself against them. Doing so only legitimates the use of the Oriental Method. Insist instead that a person’s motivation doesn’t matter. The facts matter. The objective realm of fact, action and data, not the subjective realm of thought, emotion, motivation, should form the basis of any serious discourse. We must aspire to an understanding of objective truth. That is what has distinguished our civilisation through the ages. Discussion should be evidence-driven. We must not allow ourselves to get lost in superstitious oriental fantasies of Good vs. Evil.

Muslim colonisation, and the islamisation it implies, is clearly the most awful consequence this culture of guilt has produced. But the Counterjihad movement, in its current form, is not equipped to deliver a solution to this problem. Dominated by American Jews or those under their influence, endlessly obsessed with their Nazi/antisemitism goofery, many of these people are, in fact, among the foremost practitioners of this culture of oriental guilt induction.

The solution to the predicament we are in is not to redraw the anathema line slightly by reconfiguring the guilt syndrome to put “extremist Muslims” on the wrong side of it. It is to abolish it altogether. The idea that “across this line be demons” is an absurd one that belongs in the Middle East, the Middle Ages, or Lord of the Rings, not modern European political discourse.

Unless you can break the guilt spell, unless you can free your mind and harden your spirit sufficiently that you become immune to guilt-based manipulation by non-Europeans and those afflicted by their ideas, then you, however Islam-aware you are, will forever be part of the problem and not its solution.