Britain Appoints Goyfinder General to Persecute Anyone Who Feels the Wrong Emotions Towards Jews

Daily Stormer
September 30, 2019

John Mann, one of the great Shabbos goys of our time, perhaps of all time, has been appointed “Anti-Semitism Czar” in Britain.

The JC:

The government’s new antisemitism adviser has vowed to make sure that those responsible for the spreading of hatred against the Jewish people in this country face the “most robust consequences”.

Speaking after his first public engagement in the new job at Finchley United Synagogue, Kinloss, last Shabbat, John Mann MP said he had accepted the role to prevent “good people, young people” from deciding they no longer belonged in the UK, or in Europe, because of rising anti-Jewish racism.

Mr Mann, who is quitting as the Labour MP for Bassetlaw to sit as an independent in the House of Lords, revealed there would be “an appropriate budget” from government for his role, which will last for five years.

He admits that the problem of Jews being attacked is non-existent, nothing but a much-publicized figment of the fevered Jewish imagination. But nonetheless it’s a big problem that people still have the wrong feels towards the Chosen Ones.

He said that we should be “thankful” the UK has not witnessed yet the “murder of people going about their everyday life simply because they were Jewish” as has been the case with atrocities in France, Belgium and the United States.

Mr Mann warned that in his opinion the rise of antisemitism on British university campuses was a huge issue.

He said there was a vital role to be played by Jewish communal bodies and student leaders in dealing with this problem.

While physical attacks on British Jews were still rare, Mr Mann spoke of the growth of “pernicious, silent, isolating disdain” shown towards Jewish students “from hostile elements in their universities.”

The goal is to prevent Jews from doing what they have done to every country they have ever lived in for thousands of years, namely desert and betray it.

He also said there was a huge impact to be made through what he described as “use of the non-law, civil society and good organisation.”

Mr Mann added: “If we do not, the reality will be that good people will leave.

“Not necessarily quickly – but good people will not see their future on the continent of Europe or on the UK because they are Jewish, and they wish for their identity to be proudly held at all times.

“We are not going to accept – and government is not going to accept – that impingement on civil liberties in this country.”

There are only circa 250 thousand Jews in Britain. 40% of them have said they are thinking of leaving. But the “civil liberties” of 65 million people will have to be suppressed in a vain attempt to stop a few thousand precious Hebrews from deserting a country they helped destroy.

Mann will even be happy to take instructions from the Jews on which goy he should persecute next.

Mr Mann said that his “motto” in his new role would be “consistency and consequences.”

He explained: “There will be a consistency in my approach and that will be rigorously followed through to make sure it happens.

“And there will be consequences for the antisemites – whether they like it or not.”

He said he would be acting on the advice of the Jewish community who would be required to “tell me what they think should happen.”

Here we see John Mann harangue his then fellow Labour party member Ken Livingstone, who had pointed out that Hitler initially cooperated with Zionist organisations because they shared the goal of getting the Jews out of Germany.

I read Mann’s book “Antisemitism: The Oldest Hatred,” which accepts the Jewish victimhood narrative hook, line and sinker. Well, I say “his book” because his name is on the cover, but I doubt he actually wrote, or rather compiled, it, since it consists almost entirely of extracts from other people’s work.

There’s almost no original content, other than brief, clumsy introductions, which Mann probably did write himself. Some of the extracts – like those from Jean-Paul Sartre – strike me as a bit high-brow for John Mann, though. He doesn’t come across as the sharpest tool in the shed, so I suspect the Jews wrote the book for him and he just put his name to it at the end. Indeed, he seems to tacitly admit this in the acknowledgements section. “A number of people contributed to the research and publication of this book.” I bet they did, John.

The Jews generally prefer their Shabbos goyim to be a bit on the dim side. That way they won’t be inclined to ask too many awkward questions, like “How could a people generate dislike among every other people they came into contact with for thousands of years, yet this has nothing to do with their own behavior?”

In his introduction, he writes:

Uniquely as a form of racism, antisemitism, rather than casting its victims as lowly and inhuman, more often defines them as all-powerful.

No doubt the thought will never occur to Mann that the very existence of “All-Party Committees on Anti-Semitism,” globally-enforced “Working Definitions” that explain what 7 billion people are allowed to say about 15 million, and “Anti-Semitism Czars” who persecute 67 million people on behalf of 250 thousand, all tend to confirm the accusation about the power of the Jews rather than refute it.