“British Muslim” Bemoans the Fact That Other Muslims Actually Follow the Religion

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 15, 2014

A "British Muslim," Reyaad Khan, who is fighting with ISIS.
A “British Muslim,” Reyaad Khan, who is fighting with ISIS.
Today the Daily Mail published an article by “British Muslim” Dr. Taj Hargey bemoaning the fact that other Muslims actually follow the religion.

This follows the retarded ongoing narrative that Islam is a “religion of peace,” when in actual fact it is a religion of war based around the idea of total global domination. The Muslims themselves generally understand this, as is evidenced by the fact that even those raised in the British liberal system support the psychopathic serial killers of ISIS.

Taj also continues to push the idiotic meme of “British Muslims,” which is an obvious oxymoron. The only situation in which the term “British Muslim” could be used appropriately is in the case of a British person who has converted to Islam. Otherwise, we are just talking about non-Whites who have acquired British citizenship. But being British is not a civil matter, it is a matter of blood.

If two White people were living in China and had a baby there, no one would call that baby a “Chinese Christian.”

What is particularly disturbing is the support given to the militants by many deluded British Muslims. It has been estimated that more than 500 young British men have gone to fight in the Syrian civil war.

Many of them are now moving across to Iraq to become volunteers in the Islamic State movement, which aims to resurrect a medieval-style caliphate in the region.

Only this week Reyaad Khan, a 20-year-old from Cardiff who is now a member of the Islamic State, declared on Twitter that he is preparing for ‘martyrdom’. Khan boasted, in the macabre language of the jihadi lunatics, that he had ‘executed many prisoners’ and had witnessed ‘the longest decapitation ever. And we made sure the knife was sharp.’

Alongside several other Britons, Khan has also appeared in an extremist recruitment video, urging other British Muslims to join their fanatical cause — though for entirely dubious theological reasons.

As well as fighting 3,000 miles away, the jihadists have made their presence felt at home. Yesterday, several brainwashed acolytes of the infamous radical Anjem Choudary handed out incendiary leaflets to shoppers in London’s Oxford Street in blind support of the Islamic State, while last weekend the black flag of jihadi fundamentalism was flown on the main gate at the entrance to a housing estate in Tower Hamlets.

What is terribly worrying is that, in the face of the IS atrocities, and extremist British Muslims’ involvement in jihadism, mainstream Muslims here have remained largely silent at what is happening in Iraq today.

Where is the mass outcry against the systematic killing of the Iraqi Yazidis, the deadly harassment of Christians and the mindless destruction of their churches?

Where are the co-ordinated protests against the Islamic State? Where are the popular calls for an end to organised genocide by Sunni Muslim militants in Iraq?

This is pure hypocrisy and double standards from British Muslims. Only last week, more than 200,000 people — a large proportion of them British Muslims — took to the streets of London and Manchester to protest against Israel.

What is hypocritical here, Taj, is for you to call yourself a Muslim and then denounce reckless acts of extreme violence. If you were a true Muslim, you would support ISIS like all the other Muslims are (unless you were a Shiite Muslim, then you would be supporting Assad and Hezbollah).

ISIS is showing the world what Islam truly is, and the Muslims occupying our nations supporting ISIS are showing the world that you can’t remove this violence from these people’s blood. It is hard-wired.

If you introduce a wolf pup into a litter of poodles, it doesn’t grow up to be a poodle.