British Banks to Stop Using Term “Black Market,” Substitute with “People of Color Market”

They are also removing the fat Jew criminal from their marketing materials and replacing him with a white guy who looks like Robert Pattinson

It’s about damn time.


The term ‘black market’ should not be used because it is racist, an umbrella group representing leading UK bankers has said, advocating the use instead of a more tolerant phrase, ‘illegal market.’

UK Finance, a lobby group that represents the interests of British banks and financial-services firms, has issued a list of phrases that banks and financial institutions should avoid using, arising from concerns that many terms and phrases in common usage could be deemed offensive or discriminative.

Apart from the term black market, UK Finance’s inclusivity guide, issued in 2021, suggests that the term ‘black hat,’ used in cyber security to mean an unauthorized user on a network, should be replaced with ‘unethical.’ The lobby group also insists on changing ‘sanity check’ into ‘functional test’ in order not to “infer a level of disability.”

The women who write this stuff lack functionality.

“Two years ago, we issued a report in conjunction with Ernst & Young and Microsoft that looked at the issue of language in technology and cyber security,” a spokesman for UK Finance said, as quoted by The Telegraph.

According to David Postings, the chief executive of UK Finance, the lobby group takes linguistic issues in society “extremely seriously.”

They are in the process of changing the name to “White Market,” because “whites are the real criminals who did slavery and the Holocaust.”

The British are also considering changing the name to “Vodka Nigger Market” or “Slant-Eyed Gook Market,” to reflect the supposed criminality of the Russians and Chinese.

However, since the coup in Niger, many in Britain are arguing that they should just keep “Black Market,” because “blacks no longer share our values of thriving democracy.”

Further experts have suggested calling it the “Ice Cream So Good Market,” because “Pinkydoll is now the de facto leader of the blacks and represents a threat to our values through sexualization of video games and abandoning a thriving democracy because of Wagner mercenaries.”