Bukele Attends CPAC, Says the Empire is on the Verge of Collapse

It’s not just the financial policy. It’s the double whammy of the financial policy and the totally unhinged global conquest agenda.

One can’t fall without the other falling. If either falls, they both fall.

Then: we shall all be healed.


The US economy is based on the “farce” of printing unlimited amounts of money, and Western civilization will collapse when that bubble “inevitably bursts,” Salvadoran President Nayib Bukele warned American conservatives on Thursday.

Fresh from winning a second term in office with 84% of the vote, Bukele arrived at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Maryland to a hero’s welcome. Hailed by American right-wingers for his adoption of Bitcoin as legal tender and his iron-fisted crackdown on gang crime, Bukele closed his speech with a call for massive structural changes to the US economy.

Conservatives, he said, “always tell me that the problem is high taxes, but they are wrong.”

The real problem is that you pay high taxes only to uphold the illusion that you are funding the government, which you are not,” he claimed, before describing how the government is financed by Treasury bonds, which are purchased by the Federal Reserve with printed money backed by the bonds themselves.

That is absolutely true and you can’t explain it to conservatives. If everyone stopped paying taxes, nothing would even change in the medium term.

The US government’s revenue is not coming from taxes.

The government is funded by money printing, paper backed by paper. A bubble that will inevitably burst,” he said, adding that “the situation is even worse than it seems, because if most Americans and the rest of the world were to become aware of this farce, confidence in your currency would be lost. The dollar will fall, and Western civilization with it.”

“If the next president of the US does not make the necessary policies and structural changes, sooner or later that bubble will burst,” he concluded. “It will take a total re-engineering of the government from top to bottom.”

Bukele is a madman.

He turned a complete shithole into one of the primo places to live on the earth, and he did it quickly, simply by using basic “dictator” tactics.

Stuff like: “Yeah, you know what? We’re just not going to allow crime anymore. We’re just gonna go ahead and ban it outright.”

El Salvador, once famous for the most brutal criminal gangs on earth, now is tied for the lowest homicide rate in the world.

His Bitcoin gamble is going to pay off too, I reckon, as is his alliance with the Chinese.

He’s a very smart man, but there’s no evidence of genius. Everything he is doing is obvious. Any country can do this stuff at any time. They just don’t. Because of Jews and women.

The Empire Collapsing is Good

Conservatives are too fat and retarded to see that the empire collapsing is the only possible thing that can set them free. Nothing is fixable. It’s not. It’s just not fixable. Donald Trump couldn’t fix it. No one can fix it.

There is not even one single solitary issue that is fixable. You can’t get the government to admit that poisoning the water supply is a bad idea. You can’t stop a single war. Not one issue is fixable.

The empire has to fall down, and something new has to rise from the ashes.