Canada: Trudeau’s Government Wants More Censorship, Life in Prison for “Inciting Genocide”

If you don’t like it, the government will be happy to help you kill yourself.

Seriously, they’re going to sentence people to prison for speech crimes and then say “your other option is to kill yourself.”


Canada has introduced a new bill that aims to combat online abuse with steep penalties for hate crimes – including life in prison for inciting genocide.

The proposed Online Harms Act requires social media platforms to remove posts – such as those which sexualise children – within 24 hours.

The law would regulate social media companies, live streaming platforms and “user-uploaded adult content” websites.

The bill still needs to be voted on by Canada’s Parliament

It lists seven categories of harmful content that providers would be required to remove from their websites. Banned content includes posts made to bully a child or those encouraging self-harm.

Oh, my.

Someone has to think of the children, you know.

The poor children.

The proposed Act would create a “digital safety commission of Canada” to regulate online platforms.

“We know the harms we experience online can have real world impacts with tragic, and sometimes fatal consequences,” Justice Minister Arif Virani said in a news conference on Monday.

No, actually, they don’t. If someone kills themselves because of something they saw on the internet, that is a decision they made. It’s no different than killing yourself because you heard the sound of birds. Actually, it is different, because you can’t turn off the sound of birds. You can turn off your internet screen.

Canada’s Justice Minister is a Paki Moslem from Uganda. Interestingly, this law is obviously to protect Jews. Not sure what kind of Moslem he is. Maybe the Jewish kind? 

There is no such thing as “real world internet harm.” It’s a total spook, created for the justification of censorship. And the only people who want to censor political speech are liars.

“And yet so much of this goes unchecked.”

He said that the bill would ban deep-fakes, such as images that recently went viral showing Taylor Swift’s head on a naked woman’s body. Private messages sent between individuals would fall outside of the law’s provisions, he added.

Banning deep fakes is deranged.

People have a right to make images on their computers.

You could ban porn. Porn isn’t protected speech. But they won’t ban porn, because porn keeps the male population docile. If it wasn’t for porn, men would be rioting over the denial of their sexual needs by the feminist state.

The bill must first be studied by a parliamentary committee and by the Senate – both of which may introduce changes to the final draft of the bill.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government also plans to amend the criminal code to increase hate crime penalties, including by introducing a new offense punishable by up to life imprisonment for those found guilty of inciting genocide.

The Canadian Human Rights Act would also be amended to classify hate speech as discrimination, and would allow the Human Rights Tribunal to handle hate speech offenses.

Life in prison.

For calling for genocide.

Calling for genocide is very reasonable, at least in one specific case I can think of.

But what about the Jews, who are actually committing a genocide? Are they going to be punished? Or is it just going to be people who say the Jews deserve the same treatment they give the Palestinians?

Longer version of the above video where the Paki explains the bill