Buried Drums of Highly Toxic Chemicals Found in Area Residents Say has Higher Cancer Rates

Why does the government allow this?

That selfsame government that cares so much about your health that they are singularly obsessed with banning nicotine products allows you to be poisoned by chemicals that are everywhere in your environment.

They love you so much that they don’t want you to smoke, and will do anything to stop you from smoking, so why do they not care that you’re being constantly poisoned?

New York Post:

Six large drums filled with toxic chemicals encased in concrete were discovered buried under a Long Island park in a community long plagued by cancer concerns, officials revealed this week.

The 55-gallon steel drums were found last Wednesday by contractors as part of a multi-year plan to clean up contaminated soil at Bethpage Community Park, which had been the Northrop Grumman Aerospace dumping ground for decades, Newsday reported.

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation said Thursday the discovery presented “no immediate threat to public health” — but fed-up residents are demanding a full soil excavation.

“We discovered Grumman’s graveyard for contamination,” Oyster Bay Supervisor Joseph Saladino told the paper. “These drums were encased in concrete coffins, which proves to us that they knew they contained very dangerous content.”

Residents of Bethpage have repeatedly argued cancer is more prevalent there than in surrounding areas.

The town has had to contend with contamination caused by Northrop Grumman’s hazardous waste dumping that led to a 6-square-mile underground toxic plume.

At least one of the unearthed drums, which were found 4 feet deep, was punctured and some of them contained flammable chemicals, Saladino said. A layer of clay was also found beneath the drums where the chemicals could have seeped.

The drums were discovered below to the 18-acre park’s abandoned baseball field, which has been closed for 20 years over soil contamination concerns.

Northrop Grumman seems to be allowed to do whatever they want to anyone.

Is it because they have good lobbyists?

Is there anything the government can’t do to you in a democracy? Do you ever have a choice at all?