California: Psycho Governor Rolls Out Even More Insane Gun Confiscation Laws!

Roy Batty (With Andrew Anglin)
Daily Stormer
October 13, 2019

California is a shithole and it would make sense that they would be the first state to pass comprehensive gun confiscation laws.

First, they flood the state with diversity. Then, they disarm the remaining Whites… leeeeegalllyyyy. 

Biz Pac Review:

California Governor Gavin Newsom signed 15 gun-related bills into law on Friday making the state more unfriendly to gun owners and the Second Amendment.

“California has outperformed the rest of the nation, because of our gun safety laws, in reducing the gun murder rate substantially compared to the national reduction,” Newsom announced as he signed the bills. “No state does it as well or comprehensively as the state of California, and we still have a long way to go.”

California bragging about being crime-free and a moral beacon to the rest of the country… this is the definition of insanity. Yet I guarantee you that pretty much every smug liberal Californian agrees with this blatant distortion of fact.

Yet when push comes to shove, Californians vote with their feet and leave their progressive utopia behind.

They must be contained.

The specifics of the bills have worried even the ACLU (The American Civil Liberties Union). One bill creates a “red flag” law that allows co-workers, employers, and educators to get gun violence restraining orders against firearms owners they fear are a danger.

These gun violence restraining orders can last one to five years thanks to another bill signed by Newsom. They also allow judges to issue search warrants of a person’s home once they are issued. Citizens can petition to have the restraining orders lifted. The restraining order, however, can be sought before the person being called a danger ever has a chance to make their case or defend themselves.

To file for the restraining order, a person must sign a sworn statement and have “substantial and regular interactions” with the person they are claiming could be a potential threat

California was one of the first states to adopt red flag laws back in 2014, but they weren’t nearly as aggressive as this. It used to have to go through a court process that took a while, and you had to theoretically demonstrate you had some kind of issue. This is upping the ante to the point where basically anyone can have their guns taken away immediately if anyone says “that person has guns.”

This basically amounts to a form of selective confiscation, and is clearly unconstitutional – but who even knows at this point if that matters.

So basically… if you live in California, don’t tell anyone you don’t trust with your life that you have guns, or you will end up raided by SWAT and they will kill your dog before ripping your house apart, taking all your guns from you and being like “okay well, I guess you better call and get a permit to bury that dog – goodbye.”

Beware the wine aunt.

Here are the warning signs that you need to be on the lookout for:

Every single one of them is a potential informant with the power to get you SWAT’d now.

In fact, they should just rename this bill the “Wine Aunt Monitoring Act,” because it is effectively putting the power of the law in the hands of the hags and allowing them to kill off their fathers, their brothers and their more successful sisters out of spite. They have SWAT’d family members before.

And they’ll do it again.

California is going to become a wasteland killing zone within our lifetimes…

Prepare accordingly!