The IRS Says They’re Going to Stop Sending People to Your Private Properties to Intimidate You

Thus far, the Democrats have yet to explain why “the IRS is going to show up at your house and kill you if you didn’t pay enough taxes” was ever a thing.

Meanwhile, the Republicans continue to refuse to call for the IRS to be abolished, even whilst it is obviously unconstitutional.

The concept of “income tax” is unequivocally a property invasion. Virtually no other country in the world has this. So-called “communist” countries don’t have this. The CCP is not forcing you to pay a portion of your income to the government.

New York Post:

The Internal Revenue Service said Monday it is ending its decades-old policy of making unannounced home and business visits, in an effort to help keep its workers safe and to combat scammers who pose as IRS agents.

Effective immediately, revenue agents will no longer make unplanned visits to taxpayers’ homes and businesses “except in a few unique circumstances,” the Treasury Department said in a statement. The agency will instead mail letters to people to schedule meetings.

“Today’s announcement is the right thing to do, at the right time,” new IRS Commissioner Daniel Werfel told reporters on a call Monday.

IRS Commissioner Daniel Werfel. I’ll betcha he’s a Jew. 

The change ends “an era at the IRS,” he said, reversing a practice by revenue officers whose duties include visiting homes and firms to resolve taxpayers’ liabilities by collecting unpaid taxes and unfiled tax returns.

The agency in recent years has experienced more threats, in part tied to conspiracy theories that agents were going to target middle-income taxpayers more aggressively after the passage of a climate, health care and tax bill that provided $80 billion to step up tax collections.

Have you seen these photos of the IRS training?

They are going to send crippled Moslems (presumably crippled from screwing up the manufacture of an IED) to shoot you in the back.

This is heinous.

But these faggot Republicans like Ted Cruz and Kevin McCarthy are just going to say “well, the IRS shouldn’t be able to just kill you for no reason.”

This is the way they manage the Overton Window – “I think just invading homes and killing people outright is a bit too much.”

None of them will call for the abolishing of the IRS.