Cameron Again Uses Royal Navy to “Rescue” Invasion Forces

Daily Stormer
June 25, 2015

So touching.
So touching.

As all of these “rescued” innocent militant African invaders are going to end up in Calais, and then eventually in Britain, why did Cameron order they deposited in Italy?

What is the point of this slow torture?

If you are going to genocide the British people, Mr. Cameron, just hurry up and get it over with.

Daily Mail:

Royal Navy sailors rescued another 900 desperate migrants making the perilous journey across the Mediterranean – and dropped them off in Italy.

A total of 914 migrants were picked up from overcrowded boats by Royal Marines and sailors as smuggling gangs took advantage of calm seas over the weekend.

Two of Britain’s Merlin helicopters identified three ‘vessels in distress’ early on Saturday.

315 of those fleeing Libya were picked up by Bulwark directly and the remainder were transferred from other foreign vessels for the large ship to take to Italy.

They were then dropped off in Taranto, Italy, on Monday. Many of them will now continue their journey to Northern Europe.

Some of them will likely end up in Calais, where they will then attempt to jump on the back of lorries and make their way to England.

Britain has now rescued 3823 migrants in total since it’s deployment at the beginning of May.

The rescue comes as it was announced that HMS Bulwark will be replaced next month by the survey vessel HMS Enterprise.

A handover will take place during the next few days, before the ship begins its journey back to England for maintenance.

The ship is only half the size of the 19,000-ton Bulwark and can only rescue 120 migrants at any one time. Bulwark could rescue as many as 1,000 migrants in one operation.

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