Canada: Alberta Drops QR Code Scans, Suggests Eternal Yearly Boosters

They’re not really dropping the QR code system.

This is one step back, after running 200 yards.

The QR code system is a World Economic Forum mandate, so one province in Canada rolling it back is not a meaningful sign of anything.


Albertans will no longer need to show their QR code to dine in restaurants or sit at entertainment venues. The changes took effect at midnight Tuesday.

Premier Jason Kenney announced the three-step plan to ease public health measures in the province on Tuesday. As he’d previously promised, the restrictions exemption program — Alberta’s version of the vaccine passport — was first to go.

“It is clear that we passed the peak of our current infections about three weeks ago and are now seeing the result as COVID-related hospital admissions are declining,” Kenney said at a news conference.

It has always been the government’s approach to keep public health measures in place only so long as they are absolutely necessary to protect public health and our health-care system throughout the pandemic.”

Effective midnight Tuesday, capacity limits were removed for smaller venues, including libraries and places of worship with a capacity of less than 500. Food and beverage consumption will be allowed in venues where audiences are seated.

Larger venues will still have some limits: facilities with a capacity of 500 to 1,000 will continue to be limited to 500, while those with capacity for 1,000-plus people will be limited to 50 per cent.

Also part of the first phase, children aged 12 and under will be exempt from all masking requirements; in schools, masking requirements will be lifted for students of all ages. Both those measures take effect on Monday.

The threat of COVID-19 to public health no longer outweighs the hugely damaging impact of health restrictions on our society, on people’s mental health, on their emotional wellbeing, on our broader social health,” Kenney said.

“So now is the time to begin learning to live with COVID.”

Yes, they are currently pushing an annual shot instead of boosters every 3 months or whatever.

But it’s only six weeks ago they were pushing boosters every 3 months.

So I mean – they are just trying to dazzle you with gibberish. There is no clear or unified direction any of this is going in.

Even in Canada – the federal government is doubling down on QR codes.

Not to mention that Austria is stopping people in their cars to check for vax passes.

I know everyone wants this to be over, so the instinct is to say “oh well, this must mean something good.”

The only way it is good is if it helps people to realize that the only way to prevent this is to stop cooperating.

But we’ve already seen that the masses of people are way too stupid to ever realize that.