Canada: Anti-Immigration Flyers Distributed

Steve Goode
White Genocide Project
August 11, 2014

You must accept the diversity. It enriches you.

The city of Brampton, Canada, is becoming less and less White as a result of the anti-White policies of mass non-White immigration and legally enforced “diversity”.

Back in late April this year there was an anti-White uproar as flyers were distributed by the group Immigration Watch Canada, questioning if people really wanted a White minority in Brampton.

Brampton has again seen similar flyers this month, this time posted through peoples mailboxes.

The flyer explains that “250,000 – 300,000 third world immigrants on an annual basis for the past 23 years” is “reducing White Canadians to a minority in their own country!!!

One resident told GlobalNews.caWe are a country that takes in all races, creeds, colours, and religions,” and that the resident believes “that is what Canada was founded on. Why they would put something like this in people’s mailboxes, that is just not right…

Immigration Watch Canada said it had posted similar flyers in areas such as Brampton, but Dan Murray, a spokesman for the group, said he was unaware of the flyers.

He does seem to agree with the message of the flyers, however.

The people of a European-based background who had lived in Brampton all their lives, their parents and grandparents and way further back than that had become a minority in Brampton in a very short amount of time…” Murray told

“…from 2001 -2011, the percentage of people of European background had dropped from 60 per cent to about 30 per cent so the flyer was pointing out.. is this a good thing to be happening? Is becoming a minority in your community an issue Canadians should be talking about? That’s the message – its pro-Canadian,

MPP Jagmeet Singh, who believesWe need to celebrate our diversity and celebrate the fact that Canada is first and foremost a country of immigrants”, is organizing a “Rally Against Racism” outside of Brampton city hall in protest of the flyers.

Anti-Whites love to say that White people stole the land from “native people” (people who found the land first), but then they say that because of this, Canada, or the USA, or Australia, must now be “for everyone”.

Anti-Whites don’t REALLY care who was there first. For example, they don’t care that White people were in Europe first. What anti-Whites really want, is “diversity” everywhere White people are.

“Diversity” means no White majority country, state, city, town, etc left anywhere on the planet.

“Diversity” is a code for White genocide, because what’s being done exclusively to White people is genocide.