Canada: Quebec Teens Facing Criminal Charges for Destroying Anal Flag

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Life Site News:

Six teenagers in Quebec are reportedly facing criminal charges for removing an LGBT “pride” flag that was being flown at their Montreal-area high school.

According to a video report by Rebel News, six high school students ages 13 to 16 from Chêne-Bleu Secondary School in Pincourt, Quebec, are facing criminal charges for removing and trampling on a gay “pride” flag in May.

The incident, which took place on May 16, was caught on video and reported by LifeSiteNews at the time.

In an email sent to Rebel News, the Sûreté du Québec (SQ) – the provincial police force of Quebec – confirmed that it has investigated and submitted charges of “inciting hatred” to the Director of Criminal and Penal Prosecutions (DPCP) against “six young minors aged between 13 and 16 years old.”

In the email, the SQ also confirmed that the investigation and subsequent charges were linked to the removal and trampling of the so-called “pride” flag on May 16 at the Pincourt, Quebec high school.

The SQ, however, could not confirm who made the initial police complaint, but reiterated that it worked with the DPCP to bring the charges.

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In a video interview given to Rebel News by one of the teenagers involved, the young man, whose face was blurred and voice was altered to protect his identity, told the outlet that one week before his participation in the removal and trampling of the flag, a group of students at the school had attempted to pull off his Cross necklace while insulting his Christian faith.

” … [a group of LGBT-affiliated students] tried to rip off my cross that represents my religion and they started to insult me and … [they] said all [of] the world’s problems [are] because of my religion, and [that] it needs to disappear,” the anonymous 16-year-old told Rebel News.

” … this crossed the line, crossed the red line, because my politics are pretty easy,” the teenager continued. “You don’t touch me, I don’t touch you; you don’t bother me, I don’t bother you.”

The teen explained to Rebel News that the majority of his high school’s student body are Christian or Muslim, and do not support flying the LGBT flag.

He also stated that he did not harm or insult anyone, or imply that he supports such action; he merely went to the balcony where the pro-LGBT flag was flying and removed it, allowing it to drop to the ground below.

Unlike the protections provided to Americans in the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, in Canada a person can be charged under a variety of “hate speech” laws that are punishable under the country’s Criminal Code.

According to the Rebel Newsreport, the six students have been charged under the statute prohibiting the “public incitement of hatred” under Section 319 of the Criminal Code.

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