Canada: Troll Teacher Famous for Wearing Huge Prosthetic Breasts Arrives at New Job with Female Cop Escort

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I really started realizing that Tucker Carlson was a moron when he was taking this fake tranny troll teacher at face value, and whining about it. He was calling him a twisted sex pervert with fantasies and so on, when it was obvious to the whole world he was doing a commentary on the absurdity of the tranny system.

This dude is hilarious and making a total mockery of the entire Western order, and he should be celebrated – not criticized or attacked.

New York Post:

The Canadian teacher who caused outrage by wearing Z-size prosthetic breasts to teach shop class last year was given a police escort to her first day teaching at a new school.

Kayla Lemieux was flanked by officers in an unmarked police car Tuesday for her journey to Nora Frances Henderson Secondary School, where she is taking part in a Professional Activities day — a planning day for teachers before students arrive tomorrow.

Lemieux was not wearing the controversial oversize prosthetic breasts and presented a male appearance, sporting a stubbly beard and wearing a light blue T-shirt and sunglasses.


Lemieux, in a white Mazda SUV, was led by the police in a separate car and arrived at 9:16 a.m. — half an hour after the rest of the teachers had gathered in the school cafeteria to discuss the upcoming school term.

I don’t know that I would describe that as an SUV, but okay.

Lemieux and the escorting officers parked their cars at the back of the school, away from the other teachers.

Lemieux’s new look left the parents of children who attended the teacher’s previous school, Oakville Trafalgar High School, gobsmacked.

Parent Celina Close told The Post: “Parents are now just supposed to accept Lemieux is a male and their kids’ teacher is either a deranged liar or mentally unstable?

Or, you know – a hilarious social commentator.

He’s just genderfluid.

I can’t understand who is going to be mad about this, other than serious trannies and the people who took it seriously.

It is infuriating. We had a year of complete chaos. We were told Lemieux’s breasts were real and we couldn’t question Lemieux’s gender, but now we see Lemieux is actually male and the breasts were never real.

It is ridiculous anyone would accept this without justification.”

You can justify it yourself.

See: “Trans” Troll Teacher with Huge Fake Boobs Claims They’re Real After Being Photographed Without Them

Normal people do not need a justification for these hilarious fake breasts.

Normal people would prefer the entire tranny agenda be justified, rather than the people exposing it.