Canada: Women’s Volleyball Team with 3 Trannies Beats Team with Just 2 Trannies

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Post Millennial:

A recent college female varsity volleyball game in Canada featured five trans-identified male players, who remained on the court for the vast majority of the game while female substitute players remained benched.

David Menzies for Rebel News reported from one of these recent games between Seneca College and Centennial College, in which Seneca College had three biological male players and Centennial College had two.

Menzies noted that “clearly the males were the dominant players when it came to serving and spiking,” adding that “real biological women have needed medical assistance thanks to taking spikes off their head.”

A source who asked to remain anonymous told Rebel News, “Recently, there have been two major head injuries to female volleyball athletes in the Ontario Colleges Athletic Association (OCAA) caused by transgender men [‘transwomen.’]”

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The first of these incidents occurred on November 12, 2023, with Centennial College player CL Viloria injuring a female La Cite volleyball player after the transgender athlete “attacked the ball with heavy force.”

The second incident occurred on January 22, 2024, when Seneca College player Franz Largadas “attacked the ball with heavy force,” hitting another female La Cite player in the head, causing a concussion.

Largadas was listed in the 2022-23 season on the men’s team roster at the school. The other transgender players were Ara Telan and Jess Garcia of Seneca, and Jaque Ronquillo of Centennial.

In both instances the players had to be substituted off the court. Although injuries do occur in the sport, the sheer force of a man’s volleyball attack is much more powerful than one of a biological women’s force,” the source said.

The source added that there are currently six trans-identified males in the OCAA, five of which “are not on any gender-affirming hormone therapy or have not had surgical gonad removal.”

“There is no current policy in the OCAA that is listed publicly on their website about eligibility of transgender women.”

The two schools were playing in a best-of-five series, resulting in Seneca College, the school with three transgender players, winning the series.

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