Tucker Carlson Posts Video from Moscow, Says He’s Interviewing Putin

Tucker Carlson on Tuesday night posted a video from Moscow, explaining that he will be interviewing Vladimir Putin, and further going on to justify the decision.

It’s unclear why Carlson should even be required to explain anything. Journalists have interviewed him for years. All of a sudden, the US starts a war with Russia, and everyone is supposed to agree that no one should be allowed to even know what Russia’s reasoning is behind engaging the US in this war.

Most people in the West of course believe that Russia started the war, which is actually insane. The US threw a coup in the Ukraine in 2014, a color revolution, then spent 8 years militarizing the country. Meanwhile, Putin did his best to try to come to some kind of agreement with the West about the war that they were waging against Russian speakers in the east of the Ukraine. The West made agreements with Russia, saying they would stop killing people in the Donbass, and continually violated these agreements, choosing to continue the war.

This is to say: when Russia invaded the Ukraine, all they were doing was entering an ongoing war, which the US started in 2014 when they began arming these neo-Nazi gangs to bomb the Donbass. Over 15,000 people died in the Donbass war from 2014 to 2022.

There was already a war on. Russia just finally agreed to fight it.

What’s more: Russia only made the decision to join the war after Zelensky moved to join NATO, and said that he wanted to host NATO nukes on the Russian border. These nukes would be capable of hitting Moscow. Putin had said, repeatedly, that this was a red line which would result in him joining the war if it was crossed.

No matter how you frame this, Russia was not the aggressor, at all. Yet, 98% of Americans believe Russia was the aggressor, simply because Western media is so utterly managed by the US government. This Jewish media simply lies about everything.

Tucker Carlson: Good Guy or Shill?

I totally dismissed and denounced Tucker Carlson after he went all-in on Joe Biden’s idiotic “Chinese spy balloon” hoax.

While still on Fox, Carlson read press statements from Biden’s State Department as if they were news. My jaw hung open watching this gibberish. Somehow, he claimed that Biden was working for the Chinese to help the “spy balloon.” It was incredible.

Biden is the one who said it was a “spy balloon.” No one would ever think that such a thing exists. The Chinese have 300 satellites with military capacity, meaning they can read car license plates. They do not need a “spy balloon.” If the ballon was Chinese, it was a weather balloon, but we don’t even know if it was Chinese at all.

When the US government accused China of sending a spy balloon, the Chinese government demanded that the US government capture the balloon and open it up, providing proof for their claims. Instead, the Biden government shot the balloon with a missile, completely destroying it, ensuring that no one would ever know what was in it.

Obviously, if they had believed it was a spy balloon, they would have simply captured it, and opened it up, and proved the point.

This is all very obvious and simple, and yet Carlson went along with the CNN narrative, all the way. Even after Biden shot it down, which seems to prove beyond any shadow of a doubt that he had no interest in knowing what was in the balloon, Carlson continued to push this narrative.

Of course, the whole concept of a “Chinese spy balloon” implies that China is a military threat to the United States, a theory that Tucker Carlson strongly promotes, right alongside the New York Times, CNN, the State Department, and all the rest of the usual suspects in the Jewish establishment.

It never made any sense at all that Carlson was against a war with Russia but for a war with the Chinese, given that Russia and China are allies, and a war with one is a war with both.

It also makes zero sense that China would want a war, right as they are on the cusp of becoming the world’s dominant power through their global trade and investment strategies. Why would they ruin all of that by starting a war with America?

Here’s the thing: even if China did want a war with America, for some reason that no one can explain, they would obviously wait until they overtook the US as the world’s top economic superpower, at which point a war with the US would be 1000x easier. After the US dollar is no longer the world reserve currency, which is an inevitability, the US will no longer be able to fund this massive global military empire, at which point going to war with them would be very easy.

But what is the point of this war? Neither CNN nor Tucker Carlson will ever explain that. They vaguely imply that China is planning to conquer the United States and force them to become slaves, but this is so goofy that none of them would ever say it aloud.

So, after Carlson pushed this balloon hoax, I no longer had any interest, and viewed him as yet another shill for the State Department.

However, doing a sympathetic interview with Putin is something so totally against the interests of the State Department that it seems impossible that a shill would do it.

So what does it mean? Well, the only thing I can come up with is that Tucker Carlson is simply stupid. He actually believed the Biden propaganda about the spy balloon, and he was too dumb to look up the capacity of Chinese military satellites. He couldn’t work through why Biden would destroy the satellite instead of bringing it down and proving it was what he claimed.

He also may believe that Biden is working with the Chinese somehow, and simply be unaware that he is actively attempting to start a war with China. He might not know that Biden is building five new military bases in the Philippines. Maybe he didn’t see the clips where Biden claimed that Taiwan is an independent country. Maybe he doesn’t read these Hudson Institute think tank white papers showing that all of these neocons in the Biden government view China as being an even bigger threat to the globalist order than Russia.

This is to say: he might be just as stupid and uninformed as any other boomer.

You get the impression he is smart from watching his TV show, but you must realize: other people write that show. He has smart writers who read this website. If you watch him in a candid interview, he comes across as slow-witted, and it is clear that he does not read.

The other possibility is that he’s lost credibility after promoting this war with China, and his CIA handlers wanted to restore his credibility by having him interview Putin. However, to me, that seems pretty far-fetched. I do believe that the NSA thwarted him from interviewing Putin the first time.

Of course, it is weird that his father was a journalist who worked spreading CIA propaganda internationally through the Voice of America. It’s further weird enough that Carlson claimed to have applied for the CIA as a youth and been rejected.

So, who knows? I don’t know. I’m not going to start trusting Carlson 100%. But I will say: a sympathetic interview with Vladimir Putin, done by America’s most popular right-wing personality, is objectively one of the best possible things that could happen right now.

If he goes into Putin’s Christian perspective that Russia is fighting a satanic, homosexual empire, and I think he will, that is going to make a huge impression on MAGA types.

This is very, very good.

Elon Musk: Shill or Shilliest Shill of All Shills?

There is someone who is unambiguously a complete shill, and that is Elon Musk.

This faggot went out there and said that Jews are trying to destroy the white race, which was about the dumbest thing he could have done. Obviously, I support that sentiment, but for Elon to say that – especially to say it now – was just insane.

He way overshot the mark. Then, he overcorrected as brutally as anyone has ever overcorrected, doing an apology tour in Israel and then, like something out of a Daily Stormer satire, did an apology tour at Auschwitz with Ben Shapiro.

Now, Twitter is completely censored. Frankly, I am surprised that Musk is allowing this interview with Putin to be featured on the site.

Of course, he is trying to mitigate the fact that he is allowing it by denouncing Putin. In a reply to Kim Dotcom about the Tucker interview, Musk said that Putin spreads propaganda.

The rat Musk did not explain what “propaganda” Putin has spread.

These people who make these claims need to give specifics. Seriously, what is it?

Obviously, Russia promotes their own interests, but what do they lie about? From everything I’ve seen, Russians believe that “truth is the best propaganda.” If you’re open about your agenda, what reason do you have to lie?

Putin doesn’t make these sweeping American-style claims that he is the arbiter of global morality. He explains, straightforwardly, that he is promoting the interests of Russia, and explains that he believes that the best way to do that is to oppose the globalist American empire.

I don’t know of a single lie he’s told.

Kim replied to Elon’s reply, and totally slammed him as a Jewish shill. Elon did not respond further, as one tweeter noted in a hilarious manner.

Elon knows about the Jews, 100%. Unlike Tucker Carlson, who may be some kind of dim-witted idiot, we know that Elon knows, because he literally said Jews are trying to destroy the white race. And instead of pushing his freedom of speech agenda, that would allow the people to tell the truth, he is mass censoring anyone who questions the Jews. And apparently, even if he allows something the Jews don’t like, such as a Putin interview, he has to come out and denounce it.

If Tucker Carlson is going to keep going along this path of promoting the truth about the wars, he should move to Rumble. Although David Sachs, the key investor in Rumble, is ethnically Jewish, he actually has principles, unlike Elon Musk.

Rumble might get shut down by the Apple and Google app stores, eventually. It will be interesting to see how they navigate that. If I were them, I would not be promoting the app so hard, and instead figuring out alternative ways to allow people to run Rumble through Brave. They could even make a deal with Brave (although then you have a situation where Brave could get banned from the app store).

Of course, beyond that, you then have the kind of censorship that was done to me, where my domain was stolen, and I was banned from owning a domain by the UN body that regulates domains, and thus forced to deal with national domains. So if I were Rumble, I would also be looking for a nation that would make a deal to allow the site, and migrating from the dot com to a national domain.

There seems to be an impression amongst some peoples that the censorship is lightening up, and this is just wrong. If anything, it’s getting worse. The only light in the darkness is Rumble. The fact that Republicans have completely flipped, and you now have top GOP Senators like Josh Hawley, Tom Cotton, and Marsha Blackburn, as well as presidential candidate Nimrata Randhawa, calling for even more extreme censorship than the Democrats are promoting, proves that there is no future for free speech in this current society.

See: Homosexual Republican Censorship Advocates Cotton and Hawley are Tumors on the Soul of America

Although their main goal is censoring Americans who criticize Israel, these Republicans are also pushing for laws that prevent teenagers from “experiencing harm” on social media, which is totally insane and confusing. Josh Hawley, who is a homosexual sicko, threw an emotional fit during a Senate hearing last week, demanding that TikTok censor more and also claiming that it is Mark Zuckerberg’s job to monitor every single message sent on Facebook to ensure that teenagers are not doing drugs. It was totally surreal.

These Things are Intertwined

I started out examining the implications of Tucker Carlson’s imminent interview with Putin, and then pivoted into a discussion of censorship. The two things are closely intertwined.

A sympathetic interview with Putin is the thing that the State Department is most opposed to, and it is ultimately the State Department that is behind the censorship. Although the official reason was never given, it is obvious that Tucker was censored on Fox because of his opposition to the Ukraine war and his attacks on the Republicans who supported this war.

We are already in the midst of a huge move towards more aggressive censorship by the Republicans, but the Putin interview is going to result in new calls by the Democrats for more censorship.

I suspect that the two parties will come together soon and begin passing sweeping new laws to censor social media in the run-up to the election.

Internet censorship is the defining problem in the Western world. No problem can be solved if you can’t talk about it.

I hate to say I told you so, but in 2017, when I became the first person to be mass-censored due ostensibly to my role in promoting Donald Trump in 2016, I warned that this was going to happen to everyone. It has, in fact, happened to everyone.