Canada’s Public Safety Minister Says They Have to Pass Anti-Free Speech Laws to Fight Islamic Terrorism and Prevent a Second Jewish Holohoax

Daily Slave
March 11, 2015

This man is actually claiming that limiting free speech will prevent Islamic terrorism and a second Jewish lampshading.

I laughed six million times reading this.  Canada’s retarded public safety minister Steven Blaney is pushing for anti-free speech laws in order to fight Islamic terrorism and to prevent a second Jewish Holohoax.  He claims this is needed to protect Canadians from extremists who hate Canadian values.  Call me crazy Steve, but I don’t believe that Canadian values include passing laws which limit their free speech under the guise of fighting terrorism.  It seems to me that this law is meant to protect you the extremist from angry Canadians who don’t like what you traitors are doing to their country.

But Steve, if you really want to fight Islamic terrorists why not just deport all of the Moslems you have in your country and not let any more in?  Why is that such a difficult concept for you to understand?  Wouldn’t that be more efficient than passing abstract laws banning certain types of speech?

What put this over the top was him saying that the Jewish Holohoax lie did not begin in the gas chamber but instead began with words.  Not only does he promote the retarded Jewish hoax of wooden gas chambers and other nonsense, but he goes so far as to claim that free speech contributed to it.

His comments are so ridiculous that it is hard to rationalize how this man actually holds any type of job let alone a high level position in the Canadian government.

National Post:

Canada’s public safety minister came under fire Tuesday for invoking the Holocaust in an attempt to defend controversial new anti-terrorism measures.

Bill C-51 is needed to protect the public from extremists who hate Canadian values, Steven Blaney told MPs as they began hearing testimony on the federal legislation. The law establishes a new category of crime, making it illegal to promote terrorism, and gives authorities the power to seize “terrorist propaganda.”

The minister said the international jihadi movement has “declared war on Canada” and other countries around the world, and he compared their message to Nazi propaganda.

“The Holocaust did not begin in the gas chamber, it began with words,” he said according to media reports.

The NDP’s public safety critic said Blaney’s comment trivialized the murder of six million Jews, according to the CBC.

“There is no equivalence in anything we’re talking about here to the Holocaust,” Randall Garrison said. He later accused the government of “overusing fear.”