DOJ Indicts Doctor Who Blew Whistle on Secret Child Mutilation in Texas Children’s Hospital

Dr. Eithan Haim

You can’t just go around like, telling people that hospitals are mutilating the genitals of children.

These genital mutilations save lives. Which is why we must keep them secret and bury all data about their effects.

Christian Post:

The United States Department of Justice has indicted a surgeon who blew the whistle on a Texas hospital secretly performing trans surgeries and gender medicalization of minors.

Dr. Eithan Haim, a surgeon at Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston, who leaked evidence of the body-mutilating procedures to journalist Christopher Rufo, was indicted earlier this week on four felony counts of allegedly violating the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

Haim is scheduled to appear in court on June 17, the National Review reported Thursday, with his legal team reportedly being unaware of the full nature of the charges.

“My client is anxious to get to trial to get his side of the story told,” Marcella Burke, an attorney for Haim, told National Review. “I am confident this will result in the correct decision being made.”

Interview he gave a few months ago

The Christian Post reached out to both the law firm representing Haim and the Department of Justice for more information. This article will be updated when their responses are received.

In February 2022, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton issued a formal opinion that described sex-change procedures being performed on minors as “child abuse,” with Gov. Greg Abbott later issuing an order instructing state agencies to investigate them as such.

Although Texas Children’s Hospital announced in March 2022 that it was ending the practice of performing such procedures on children and youth in response to the state government, Haim leaked evidence that the hospital was doing so in secret.

Based on the leaked evidence provided by Haim, Rufo wrote an article in City Journal that was published on May 16, 2023, which claimed that the hospital “secretly continued to perform transgender medical interventions, including the use of implantable puberty blockers, on minor children.”

In response to the story, a state investigation was launched into Texas Children’s Hospital, with the facility finally shutting down its practice of gender medicalization of minors suffering from gender dysphoria.

“These people are corrupt,” Haim told CP in an interview published in January. “And the only way to expose it is to not play into this Kabuki theater, like these people are practitioners of justice. Because if we were to collude with them, we would be sanctioning our own destruction.”

“Because these people are just petty tyrants and neurotic bureaucrats. And what that boils down to is that these people are simply bullies. When you’re fearful, when you’re afraid, that’s when they’re most effective. So to be fearful and scared is to seal your own death warrant.”

The DOJ has gotten ultra-bold, no?

Some of this stuff has gotten silly.