Candace Owens Goes All In on Anti-Semitism Hoax – Shapiro Lashes Out!

I wish Candace and Ye could just get married. They look so nice together, but this Jew culture they grew up in convinced both to marry outside of their race.

Candace Owens still works for Ben Shapiro’s “Daily Wire,” despite the fact she is friends with Ye. Apparently, Shapiro doesn’t like the optics of “canceling” the black woman for being friends with someone who talks about Jews.

Sunday, however, the little man in the tiny hat lashed out at her for quote-tweeting anti-Zionist Jew Max Blumenthal. He called her “garbage.” Candace responded without bowing, saying Shapiro should have contacted her privately.

This is pretty based.

(Note: calling Blumenthal “an anti-Zionist Jew” sells him short a little bit. I actually really like Max Blumenthal. I also feel a bit of animosity, because he says so many of the same things that I say but he’s allowed to say them because he’s Jewish, whereas I get totally shut down. But I do like him, and I agree with him.)

Candace has been walking right up to the line on the Jew issue in other tweets. In particular, she’s defending Kyrie Irving, who is being brutally hounded and persecuted by the Jews.

It’s fascinating that even Matt Walsh – a fellow Shapiro employee – was agreeing with her about the Jews.

It appears that Candace’s boldness inspired Walsh to stand up.

This thing with Kyrie, as a kind of addendum to the thing with Ye, is serving to reinforce the point. You now have all black people and most conservatives saying that this entire “anti-Semitism” narrative is just used to control people.

You better get your house in order, Benny! Your people are rising up against you!

Not even your own staff is willing to push this “anti-Semitism” hoax anymore!

The people are waking up to your swindle, Benny!

If I hadn’t been shut down by the Jews, I would have ten times your traffic right now!

It’s over, Benny!

Listen closely, Benny – you can hear the hoofbeats!

It’s happening again, Benny!

The goyim know!

Time to pack up and flee to Israel!